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Birchbox July 2013 | Jet Set

I received my July Birchbox yesterday & I am now going to share with you what I got. 
Before I begin though I want to say 3 things.

1:- This month I have decided to unsub from Birchbox. I had not begin that excited by a couple of previous boxes & knew I must decide whether to continue with them or not. Whilst a couple of items this month are quite nice I am still now bowled over.
That does not mean they I won't sub again in the future. It is just right now I don't think personally they are for me right now. 

2:- is almost a continuation of 2 in that I want to say whilst I am not liking my boxes , this does not mean that you won't either. I am sure many of you will be delighted & that is just cool. It is just my own personal choice right now to put my money elsewhere especially with 6 weeks of school holidays to get my 2 children through as well.
And lastly 3:- I have not yet tried anything ( after all I only received it yesterday) so I am not going to have any reviews on the use of these items as yet. If there is anything here that you would be keen to know about then do let me know & I will try & do that for you.

So we will begin. You can find out more go to BIRCHBOX .
It costs £10 + p&p each month. 

 So above we have the box only slightly open . This is always exciting wondering what this month will bring. The theme this month is Jet Set.We have the usual magazine that comes with it. I like to read it when the children are in bed because it is impossible at any other time!!
The items come in a nice drawstring bag but i forgot to take a photo of that. Sorry. But here we have the goodies I got. I'll be honest & say this did not blow me away at all. Apart from 1 item - the box because I thought it might contain a nail polish( but I was wrong!) 

One things I wish Birchbox would do that other similar companies do. Put how many ml or g etc you are getting for a full sized product!!! We get the price for a full size which is good but it would be nice to know the full sized weight too. Sometimes it is hard to look it up online & it would be nice to have it straight to hand.
So when I tell you what each item is I can tell you full size price & the weight of the size I receive but will have to give you a total cost once I have worked it out. It will exceed what the monthly sub is though!! 

Blanc Cachemire|Crene De Jour Protectrice|Full size £54.75
A lightweight moisturising cream. 
My sample size is 15 ml , so defiantly a nice size to try. I will this as I always need a moisturiser. I hope it isn't any good though because I won't be able to afford a full sized one. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik|Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash| Full size £8.80
Dead sea extracts remove deep-seated impurities, suitable for all skin types.
I have a 25ml tube here so again a nice size to give it a go. Again it will get used as I go through facial stuff like there is no tomorrow.l Jury is out on the smell but until I actually use it to wash with I can't be sure on that. 

The Balm Costmetics| InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush| Full Size £21.50
The only item that got me truly excited. Mine is called Swiss Dot. I'd say quite a lovely coral pink colour. Will definitely use this as I have no products from them & see so many reviews on You Tube etc that I was desperate to give them a go. Its a small sample. 0.018oz to be exact but that's perfect for me because it takes me an age to use up blushers & means I can try it to see how much I like it before I splurge on the full sized.
You don't need a lot of this because it really is a case of a little goes a long way. 

RMK |Creamy Foundation| Full size £35.00
This is probably the only other item I was pleased about. I did not know of RMK before trialing their Cleansing balm (the rose scented one) & I loved it!
I love the square jar & I look forward to trying it. I got  a 15g sample which is a good size to give it a try with. Not sure on a shade but think the number is 103. Not sure I would repurchase at the full amount but you never know. It has an SPF of 15. 

The last of the main items is

VitaBella|Hand Cream| Full size £17.00
This has a really nice scent to it. I use a lot of hand cream so will be interested to try this one. Packed with rosehip oil, aloe vera & hyaluronic acid. It's an 8.5ml tube. Until I give it a proper usage I cannot say whether I would re-purchase. Plenty of hand creams out there that do a good job for less than half the price. Time will tell.

Then we come to the lifestyle extra & I'll say right now. I won't use it.

The Chia Co| Shots|Full size £4.79
Packed with health-boosting omega 3, protein & more. You get some recipe ideas on a couple of leaflets in your box.
Personally I can't see I will use this. 

So overall there are some not bad products here but really nothing that would suggest I would give it another go for any longer. But as I said this is purely my opinion that I would not expect anyone else to agree with. Let me know what you got in your box, what you thought of what you got & what you think of any of the products I have mentioned here. 

Oh & when I get a chance I will sit & do a overall work out of the box contents.

Speak later

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