Thursday, 25 July 2013

Make Up Private sale Haul.

So I am a regular user of my loacl buying/selling group on Facebook. Yesterday a post appeared with lots of make up for sale. Included benefit & Clinique & for really good money. It was good price in that I knew that if half of it was no good then I was still getting a good deal. If it was all rubbish then I will have lost out but would learn from it.
Walked with the boys this morning to pick it up & here in the photo is what I got.

I know there will be those who read this & think "Ugh 2nd hand make up" but actually a lot of this is new & some barely used. 

We are missing the Clinique stuff because as I thought they were no good. I also threw away an eyeliner & 3 small tubes of glitter.
The St Tropez stuff is brand new. I won't use them so along with 2/3 other items I have popped them back on the group so I will make some pennies back anyway.
The little brush set is brand new. The 2 Almay blushers are new , although 1 had been swatched. The NYX trio looks new too & is definately my colour. Those nail sets I am going to give 1 to my mum in a goodie bag I am doing for her for Xmas & I may or may not use the other 2 myself. 
I will have to get some make up sanitize before I use some of the shadows & blushers In fact I will probably do them all even the ones I think have not been used to be on the safe side. There is nothing I have kept that is not good to use though once they have been sanitized. To be honest most of the thinsg that have been used have barely a dent in them.

So I am one very happy bunny today with my little find. I always miss the make up posts on these groups so I soon got in with this one!! 

Thanks for reading.
talk to you soon
Amanda xx

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