Friday, 19 July 2013

Mini Mac Haul

Today is not a good day. However, it has been made a tiny bit lighter by my order from Mac which arrived just after lunch.

It really is a small haul as the title suggests but oh what a gorgeous haul it is.

My order this time consisted of 2 eye-shadows & a lipstick.

Eye-shadow number 1 is called Crystal Frost. It is stunning. The palest of lilac colours, almost a light pick colour when swatched. It is gorgeous & I can't wait to try it out. 

Eye-shadow number 2 is called Gleam Lustre. I can't actually describe this colour. There is pink, coral & orange all going on here. I guess my best description would be salmon pink but that maybe too harsh for what looks peachy on my swatch. See I told you I can't describe it. It is not my usual colours I would for on my eyes but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Lastly we have the lipstick. Tried to get a nice photo of the colour but tbh this is the best we are going to get today. It is called Spice It Up. As the name suggests it really is spice like in its colour. A real deep, dark reddy brown in colour. I'm actually thinking it may be abit dark for the summer. I will give it ago though & If it is then I will pop it away to look forward to in the autumn.

Link to eyeshadow
Link to Lipstick

That is all from me today.

Talk to you later!

Amanda x

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