Saturday, 31 August 2013


Please read my original blog post on doing Project Pan. There you will find the details of every item I included to save me boring you all by posting the links etc yet again.

I had 9 items in my PP altogether. 

I used 5 of the items in the end. I even cut the tube of Rimmel primer to make sure I get every last drop because I like it that much!

I knew I was ambitious to include 2 body butters. I did use this one a couple of times but I have not even made a dent in it so no chance to finish it.
The eye primer , I am not sure how much is left but still seems quite a bit so I think that I think it will be a while yet anyway.
Lastly I don't think the Rimmel mascara will be long. It is starting to go on a little clumpy so actually I think it could end up in the bin very soon. The Benefit one only got used  a couple of times & is still OK for a while yet.

Overall I was pleased how much I did use up. I was not sure how much products I do use over the course of the month so was expecting to maybe use up 2 things only over that time. To get 5 in the bin is great. To know others will be gone soon too is even better. So i actually class this as a success.

I am going to continue to use up these other items over the course of the next month but will probably wait until October to record another Project Pan in which I will include some make-up too i think.

Thanks for reading this. Have you done a project pan? How well did you do? 

Amanda xxx

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