Friday, 30 August 2013

Coming Up In September

For September I thought I would have a go at doing a photo a day. I am not sure yet what the photos will be. Some will be just day to day stuff. I am sure the boys will feature somewhere. I will probably include haul or beauty related photos too.

I generally only like to post once a day ( 7 days a week if I can but family means not always possible even if i do plan loads in advance) but through this month you may find I post 2 especially when doing my favourites or If i have another product empties post because I like to give a mini review on the stuff I post about where I can.

I am hoping now the children are heading back to school I can find things to post that are not always beauty related as this blog was never made to just be about that. However it is my biggest interest these days besides my 2 boys ( 3 if you include Rob too!)

Coming up tomorrow - the results of my Project Pan!

Thanks Amanda x


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