Thursday, 1 August 2013

July 2013 Favourites | Beauty & Other Things.

 As we are nearly at the end of July ( well we will be in August when this post goes up,) I thought I would have a go at a monthly favourites post. I did not want to just do beauty related so my monthly favourites will always include other things too. 

So, I will start with the beauty related stuff because there is more of it.

I have included a few items from my Project Pan because I do love them so much.

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector in Light. I am in love with this. I am not using much in the way of foundation right now as I find it all just slides off in this heat ( yuk!) This BB cream though works fine to cover my skin still & lasts for quite a long while during the day. I will be sad when this runs out & the rules of my project pan means I have to use the other bb creams I have before I can buy it again. Believe me though, it is on my list to buy again!

Collection 200 Concealer Lasting Perfection in Medium  - Another item I cannot live without. I have been known to go without anything on face just using this in the places I need covering. I am almost at the end of this tube for which I am sad. I do however already have another in the wings. Again though I have another concealer to use up from NYX before I can use it. 

Maybelline Superstay 24 Dual Lipstick Forever Heather - I am always on the look out for lipsticks that I know are going to last a while. Many years ago it did not bother me to keep re-applying throughout the day. But these days whilst doing my mummy jobs I just want to be able to put the make up on in the morning & have it at least last till after lunch. My ultimate favourites are actually Max Factors Lip Finity but right now I am loving this one from Maybelline. I can be quite neutral in my lip products but I find this gives a nice reddy pink pop to my lips instead. It doesn't last as long as it probably should. However I put that down to the fact I generally have a cup of tea almost every hour where possible. I can't use most lipsticks for this reason. But this one does the job I need it too & stays put for a good few hours. This is slowly running out ( I apologise for the state of the tube) so I will have to go & buy another one before it does.

Caudalie Make up cleansing water. I have a 50 ml bottle of this which I got in a set. I generally use it for removing my eye make up because I use the L'Oreal Micellar water for my face & don't like it on my eyes. It smells amazing containing a mix of organic grape water & Chamomile  I would certainly look into buying a bigger size once I have used it up as I find it does the trick wonderfully on my eyes & there is no oily feeling afterwards. Perfect!

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub - My lips always feel amazing afterwards. I think some people find it quite drying but personally I do not get that at all. The taste is yummy - remind me of after eight mints. I need a trip to Lush to get some more because I go through it way too quickly!

Superdrug body butter in Cranberry & Pomegranate. One more item from my project pan list. I have used this a lot since my post on Sunday & I am loving it even more than I thought. It sinks into the skin so quickly & you are left with this amazing scent that last  quite a while. I put it on at around 8 this morning & it is still there now at nearly midday. I believe atm they are on a buy one get one free deal too. If I was allowed I would take advantage of it myself!! 

Now on to the non beauty faves of mine.

Food! Of course. If I am not thinking about make-up then I am probably hungry! 

Rob came home with theses Activia yogurts a couple of weeks ago from Waitrose & OMG they taste amazing. I go through phases where I like one flavour over another & along with the Pear ones these are my staple breakfast of the moment.
The Tesco granola bars I got as I thought i would give some cheaper ones a try. I always find that anything remotely healthy is more expensive than stuff that isn't. Which is wrong really because surely it is better to be cheaper & be more encouraging! So, these I got & they are actually very nice. They don't taste any different to the more expensive brands. Big thumbs up!

Then we have the best for last. I only got this on Monday so it will be no surprise to see it here in my favourites. Whilst I have not had a great amount of time to spend trying it out, I can see it is a wondrous item that I need in my life! I love it. I adore my pink case that I got too. I love having this to watch You Tube videos on. A bigger screen than my iPhone but I don't have to sit in front of the PC now. It is so nice to grab a drink & sit upstairs on the bed if I wish & the children allow. I only have a few apps on it so far but that will change over time!! 

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.
Amanda xxx

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