Friday, 23 August 2013

Product Empties | Part 1 | Hair Care

*Warning* If you do not care to look at someones trash then please click out now because you won't enjoy this.
Also I apologise for the ramble at the start of this. As it is a new type of post for me I feel the need to explain things at the beginning & so will not need to after this (hurrah I hear you cry!)

So this is my 1st ever Product Empties or Products I have used up. I almost prefer these to the beauty favourites because I think your thoughts can change on a product over time. So something you put in your favourites one month may not be so good by the time you finish it & visa versa. 

I was going to do a You Tube video but don't feel my skills ( or camera) are up to that right now. Maybe in the future it is something i will definitely give a try. For now though I will do blog posts instead.

Some people do a monthly empties but i don't think I use enough to do on a monthly basis so I will do them only from time to time. This is a good 2 months worth. I am going to do it in 3 parts too & try & break it down into categories. 

Today's is Hair products.

Soap & Glory - Daily Super Shampoo & Daily Shine Conditioner. I was unsure if these would really do much for my hair because I thought they would be more about the scent rather than actual use for the hair. I was pleasantly surprised though so not only did my hair come out looking nicely conditioned but it smelled lovely for most of the rest of the day as well. I know many do not like the S&G fragrance but I could easily sit & smell the bottles all day long.
Would I repurchase? Not at the moment. I have other shampoos & conditioners to use. I may buy again though if i need some more & it is on offer.

Batiste - Dry Shampoo. Tropical. Coconut & Exotic. OMG I love this! It is really odd because about a year ago I didn't think this worked at all. But having given it another go earlier this year I am now hooked. I use a ton of this particular fragrance as I think it does the most for my hair & leaves the nicest smell. 
Repurchase? Already have & will continue to do so although I generally stock up when I see offers because I go through it so quick it works out expensive at full price.

Superdrug Dry Dhampoo - My can is called Floating On A Breeze. TBH my main thought is MEH! It had a nice smell to it which was fine but actually I don't think it actually helped my hair at all. I would use tons of it on each application & it still would  do half the job of my Batiste. I won't buy it again but I do have a 2nd can in my cupboard. I may give this away though because I really don't think it was any good. 

Thank you for reading Part 1. Part 2 will be along in a  day or 2.

Amanda xxx

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  1. I love all soap and glory products they smell absolutely amazing and dry shampoo is so handy, especially when you are travelling. This was a lovely post. xoxo