Sunday, 25 August 2013

Product Empties | Part 2 | Body & Perfume

 Bath & Shower

Original Source- Orange & Cinnamon shower Cream ( Seasonal Editions). Just No. Not for me. Hated the scent of this so whilst it was nice to actually apply & the fragrance lasted all day it meant that  I was left day long with it. Great for those that love the scent but not for me at all. Give me the mint one any day over this!

Nivea - Shower cream. This was a little bottle that came with a gift set. Yes was OK. Would not buy the full sized one of this because I prefer so many other shower gels but this little bottle is ideal for you travel bag. 

Deodorants etc.

Dove- Pure Deodorant. Contains NO fragrance, NO Parabens, NO Colorants & NO alcohol. To take the words from Grumpy Cat ( if I may ) I hated it!!!Whilst there is no scent to speak of it still gave off an aroma on spraying that seemed to lodge in my throat all day long. I never expected it to really work for 48 hours either but I don't think this was very good at all.I love Dove deodorants so was disappointed with this one.

Boots Natural Collection Body Spray -Passion Fruit. Loved this even though I had to spray several items throughout the day because the scent did not last long. However at just £1.99 a bottle or less if there is an offer on I would definitely buy this again. Oh & you get advantage points, not many admittedly but over time they add up!!

Estee Lauder Beautiful - Eau de Parfum. Well this was as it says on the bottle & beautiful. Loved it , sad to see it empty but won't buy again for the time being as I have so many perfumes already to use.

Thank you for reading. See you soon for the 3rd & final part. 
Amanda xxx

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