Friday, 4 October 2013

Product Empties #2

I was a lot quicker filling up the empties bag than I thought I would be. Lets begin :-).

1 - Batiste in Tropical.
We already know I adore this & go through tons of it so I won't bore you with a review again. You can buy at Boots, Superdrug etc. Look out for deals as I think it is expensive at full price.

2 - Dove Go Fresh in Grapefruit & Lemongrass. Yes I like this. Scent is nice & lasts for ages. Would & have bought this again. 

3 - Green & Spring relaxing shampoo. I don't like it. A mix of lavender, comfrey & rosemary. I am not huge on herbal scented things & this was no different. I didn't feel like it did anything for my hair particularly either. This was a sample from a beauty box so I just got it used up quickly. 

4 - L'oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Miceller Solution. Is there anyone in the beauty world who has not tried this? I got to be honest I don't think these cleansing waters do much for me. I am trying to like them but I find them all a bit drying & I have tried several. But if you love cleansing waters & you don't want to pay Bioderma prices then this could be for you. 

5 - Clinique Anti -Blemish Solution Cleansing Moisturiser. Hmm, can't say I enjoyed this too much. I bought off of someone on a Facebook selling group along with the coordinating toner so I paid less than I would have in store making the fact I don't like this a little easier. I used it up though as I was not sure otherwise who to pass it on to. I have to be honest & say actually I don't think they sell it anymore as I cannot even see it on eBay!!!! 

6- Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser. A travel size tube from a bonus bag I really love this. This is the 2nd tube I have used. It cleans my face so well ready for the rest of my skin care. Love it & thankfully have another ready for using when I have used up a few other brands that I have.

7 - Carole Franck Moisturiser - Another item from a beauty box. I think this is really expensive to buy a full size & for this reason I am glad it wasn't holy grail stuff. I hated the packaging. I don't know if the full size comes in the same but I thought this was terrible. It wasn't horrible on my skin but there are definately cheaper brands for me that do a better job. I can't find it in stock anywhere either. It came with a Birchbox though if you wanted to start your own search there.

8- Elemis Daily Moisturiser. Free with a magazine just before I went on holiday in May so a handy size  take with me. I did not like. Another herbal scented item going. I can't say it did anything special so I am glad it was a free gift only.

9 - Estee Lauder Anti Aging Eye balm - it was just a small one off sachet so I have absolutely nothing to say about it. 

10 - LUSH Mint Julip lip scrub. Another item that we know I adore & have already bought another of. I think these scrubs are amazing. I can really feel the work it has done after applying. They smell amazing.

11 -Clarins BB cream in Medium. Another small sample sachet so again I can't say too much after just 1 application. The colour seemed to be OK but unless I can try it a few more times I cannot comment.

12 - Rimmel Scandeleyes. This was the one item in my project pan from August that I did not quite use up. By mid September though it had dried enough for me to decide it was time to bin it. In the beginning I did not like it but it is almost as if the more I used it the better the brush was at putting the product on my lashes. I won't be buying another simply because I have about 7 back ups of other brands. Buy One Get 2nd One Half Price at Boots right now.


This last photo contains items that are not actually empty but that are still going in the bin.

Elizabeth Arden Primer - I was not impressed with this. It was too greasy on applying & felt like it for the rest of the time I was wearing make-up in the day. I was going to use it up though as it cost me a lot to just bun. However, suddenly the pump just stopped working. I was able to fix it one but then it just did not want to know. So in the bin it has gone.

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel - Came in a sample tube in a beauty box. hated it. Did not like the feel of it on applying & didn't think my skin felt any better afterwards either. I probably used about half so I don't feel too bad about throwing it away!

Well that is all of it again for a while ( I hope.) Thank you for reading. I would be interested to hear your views on any of these products.

Thanks Amanda xx

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