Thursday, 3 October 2013

September 2013 | Random Favourites

Hay Day

I play this on my iPad & I am slightly addicted. After being fed up of both Farmville & Farm Town that the thought of another farm game I would not go near this. But I play this at a much gentler pace so that I just take my time & doing things.  I don't have many neighbours so it takes me a while to do anything. 
You have boat orders to do but I either get them done or I don't. I just enjoy it for what it is... a game.

I can spend hours on You Tube when time allows. I like to watch beauty gurus talk about stuff I can't afford & also I like to watch the vlogs of the same beauty gurus. I am really nosy so watching a 20 minute vlog of a you Tubers day to day life is perfect!!

My favourites are :-

The Shuerman Show

Yes I know it is all internet based this time a round but that is just the way it is for this month. 

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