Thursday, 28 November 2013

Groceries | Tesco | 27/11/13

Another week & another grocery haul. I'm thinking next week of mixing it up a little & shopping elsewhere. I am so over Tesco. We nipped into ASDA the other day as I wanted to try & get a Tresamme gift set they had ( which I did get btw) & it was so nice to shop somewhere different. I am thinking I may try my 1st Ocado shop next week.

Anyway here is what I have bought this week. I got about £20 off this weeks shop as I had a few of my club card vouchers to use up plus a £5 off when you spend £40 receipt.l I also had a double points one so all helped a lot this time. 

Back row - Large apple juice x 4. Semi skimmed milk Still 3 for £3. Activia pouring yoghurt in natural. Apple Juice small cartons ( 3 packs of 3 for £2.50. Usually 99p a pack.)) Vanilla Ice cream. Chocolate ice cream.
Middle row - chicken slices. Duck legs. Frubes x 2 packs. Cumberland sausages. Diced chicken ( x 2.) 6 eggs ( free range!!!) Lardons. Chobani yoghurts in blueberry & some in pomegranate ( 5 for £3. Usually 89p each.)
Front row - Pizza. 2 x pepperoni & 1 cheese . On offer 2 for £4.

Monster Munch ( 2 for 1. Usually £3.15 each.) Blackcurrant squash x 2. Pom Bears. Sultanas. 4 tins Heinz tomato soup. 2 jars of Tesco Chicken Tikka sauce. Jammie Dodgers ( 2 for 1. Usually £1.15 each.) 2 x choc chip cookies.

Bananas. Spinach. Sugar Snap Peas. pepper x 2.
Fine green beans. Mushrooms. Grapes. Cherry Tomatoes. Veg selection x 2 ( 2 for £2.) Greens. Raspberries. Apples.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know if you find these posts interesting. Would these posts be better with more photos so that the items are shown closer? I bunch them together to make less photos but maybe more would be easier?

Amanda x

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