Thursday, 7 November 2013

Grocery Shop

Time for a grocery haul post. I have not done one before & if they are not your cup of tea then I would click out now.

If , however like me you love a good nosy of another persons trolley of shopping then lets continue.

Tesco has been my shop of choice for ages now. 1 because it is my closest ( & cheapest shop after Iceland)  & 2 because I always have loads of vouchers etc to be using in store. I am hoping though in the new year to shake it up a little & do the weekly shop elsewhere at times ( Sainsburys I have not been too in ages & I am keen to try an Ocado shop - I know how to live.)

Anyway onward. Below are the photos & I will try my best to list everything below each photo & any deals I got on them.

The Andrex toilet paper 9 pack is 2 for £7.50 ( usually £4.49 each.) Aqua Fresh Mouthwash buy one get one free ( £3.29 each.) Dove deodorant ( 2 for £4 on the 250ml.) Rob wanted deodorant too but didn't care what so I just picked up some of the cheaper ones.The moist toilet tissue is 85p a pack. The slippers were £4.

I wanted some new pyjamas as its getting colder now & my shorts are just not cutting it now. These were £9.

 Tins of Ceser dog food are 7 for the price of 4 ( usual price is around 70p.) I got 14 tins which will last Barney for just a week there about. Tesco Super Berry Granola. Walburtons Thins ( We have the half & half. They are really yummy.) 2 packs of Tesco choc chip cookies. The boys adore these & at only 40p a pack you can't really go wrong. The multi pack of biscuits was £1.19. Lastly the hot choc sachets were 4 for £1. 

 Cornflour. Peanut Butter. Chocolate chips & fudge pieces were on 3 for 2. Costing between 70p & 95p.

Frozen products. Tesco own straight cut oven chips. Tesco Butcher Choice Cumberland Sausages. Skinless Salmon ( 2 packs for £6. usually £3.25 a pack.) Turkey rashers ( 2 for £5. Usual price is £2.63 per pack.) Lardons. Tesco Thai Curry ( deal was 3 for £6 but 2 have gone into the frdige for tea this evening.)

 Chilled items. Apple Juice 4 pack. Milk ( 3 for £3.) Clover ( 2 for £3.) Activia Natural Yoghurt. Cooked Ham. Bernard Matthews Turkey roast pieces. 

 Vegatables. Sliced Greens, Spinach & Peppers ( all for the Guinea Pigs because they are spoilt!)
Tender stem Broccoli (2 for £2.) Carrots. Cauliflower. Cherry Tomatos. Sugar Snap Peas & trimmed Fine Beans. 

Last but not least we have the fruit. Easy peel satsumas. Cheap Tesco apples. They are for Finley's pre-school mid morning snack so he doesn't need anything too fancy.Red Grapes. Raspberries & Strawberries are on 2 for £4. Bananas & finally Blackberries.

My sub-total was £150.87 but with around £17 worth of savings I paid £133.51.

So I hope you found this post interesting. I know it is normal to record a video rather than make a blog post but right now this is an easier way of doing it for myself. I certainly enjoyed sharing a different topic with you. 

Amanda xx

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