Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tesco Groceries 20/11/13

Slowly losing my patience with Tesco. A few more weeks & I shall try giving other places my money instead. Today half the shelves seemed to be empty, for the 2nd week running they did not have the Walburtons half & half sandwich thins & then for the 3rd time in 5 weeks at the scan & shop tills I had to have my shopping checked which to me defeats the object of being a quicker way to shop! I understand it has to be done now & then for everyone but every other week???? Frazzled was not the word by the time I had got home to discover I had forgotten Spinach (poor neglected Guinea Pigs) & could not find the eggs, only to discover 5 minutes of searching later I had already put them in the fridge. I think it might time to try home deliveries! hehe. 

Thank you reading. Photos & some details on what I bought today below. 

Tesco orange energy drinks ( 2 packs .) Semi skimmed milk ( still 3 for £3.) Spring water in white grape & blackberry. 4 x large apple juice. Small apple juice cartons ( 3 packs of 3 for £2.50.) 2 packs of 12 Tesco Cumberland sausages. Frubes. Beef strips x2 & beef medallion steaks ( all 3 for £10.) Danio yoghurts ( 3 for £1.)  Turkey pieces. Liberte yoghurts ^(4 pack) & Chobani yoghurt.

Tassimo /Kenco Caffe Crema ( Tesco have the Tassimo range on 2 for £6 but they did not have many left at all on the shelf so I only got 1 pack.) Tetley teabags(240 pack  reduced to £4.) Choc chip cookies ( x 2. ) Bourbons ( x 2 ) malted milks & Fox's caramel caffe snaps. Warburtons ( packs are only £2. I had to get white as no half & half still.) hot x buns. Naughty Chelsea bun again.

Walkers crisps mixed bag of 12 plus a 6 pack ready salted. Hula hoops ( 3 packs for £4.) Ricicles. Tesco Wheat Biscuits.  Quakers oats porridge tub ( they are I think 6 packs for £5 or similar but I got one just to try this week. Socks ( festive designs as my eldest needs socks for a silly socks day this Friday.)

goodness apples. peppers. greens & the tender stem broccoli are 2 for £2. Kale. Grapes. Bananas. Strawberries. Satsumas. Green beans. cherry tomatoes.

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