Sunday, 8 December 2013

( Another ) Christmas Decoration Haul

So, this was not meant to happen. We had nipped to the garden centre after we dropped Brad at basketball training because needed to go to the pet department to stock on bedding stuff for "The Piggies" aka the Guinea Pigs.

"Let's have a little look at their Xmas decorations" I said because it is not a place we frequent & I thought it would be nice. I don't think I have ever gone anywhere in my life to "just look" so no idea why I thought this would be any different. To be fair it was relatively small haul though. 

Mine came from Hillier Garden Centre in Horsham but as some are from Gisela Graham they should definitely be found elsewhere too.

Gold Baubles set of 4 £3.99. By Festive Productions.
  Gingham Paper Ball x 3. £1.49 each. From Gisela Graham
Wooden Tartan Hangers ( Star, Heart & Tree. 99p each.) by Festive Productions.
Owl with Hat ( also by Festive Productions.) £3.99
Fabric / Tartan Owl £4.99. Gisela Graham
Xmas cards .10 cards ( 2 designs ) £4.99

That is definitely my lot for new decorations this year  although I will have a good look again come the sales after Xmas. 

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