Thursday, 19 December 2013

Avon | Extralasting Plump & Stay Colour | A Review

Plumping , long lasting coloured base coat and a glossy high-shine top coat.
The warming, tingling sensation means that it is working.

I have finally used this product enough I feel to give a proper account on my views.

I was not sure on this. I did not think it could be another lip product to be able to add to those which I love for the long wearing at all. 

I was not liking the colour at all but then they look so different in the Avon catalogue. Too bright red for my liking ( my shade is Rosy Resistance) as I was expecting a slightly paler colour in contrast. However, with a little blotting after a applying this seems to have made a huge difference. 

You apply the base coat colour 1st. I would recommend you leave it to dry 1st before you then apply the clear top coat.

It really does make your lips tingle, that is evident straightaway. 

The colour goes on well & the top coat soon dries too so there is none of that horrid sticky feeling you can get with some products. I would also suggest applying only a small amount of the colour. On my 1st few applications It bleed a little into the corners of my mouth. I soon learnt to apply a little less. 

Staying power is amazing. I went out at 5pm on Monday & then went to bed that night with my make-up still on ( naughty!!) When I got up at 6:30 on Tuesday it was still there - if a little more faint.)
Another test on Tuesday evening was a Boyzone concert. Applied at around 4pm & was still there when the show ended at 10:30. I was impressed because i don't no many that can stand up to a warm room like that - the rest of my make-up was long gone!

So, yes overall I adore this. There are only a few colours in the range but I think i will invest in a few more. I would certainly give it 9/10. It is that good.

Have you tried this lip colour? Do your thoughts differ from mine? Do you have any recommendations of similar products.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xxx

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