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December Glossybox | Festive Treasures

I un-subbed from Glossybox a while back but when a deal appeared in my email with 2 Christmas Boxes** for just £20 including postage I could not resist.

I have seen photos of the box but not the contents but the boxes were enough for me to sub again. I am supposed to be stopping them again as this should be a one off.... I can't quite do it yet though!!!

The following 3 photos show the box (es) plus magazines as well as the cutest Christmas paper ever. I forgot to take a photo of the paper in my haste to open the boxes so it got torn when I removed the sticker. 

If you do not know what Glossybox is then I will give you a small amount of detail. It is a monthly subscription beauty box. each month a box is £10 + postage which brings it to around £14. Inside you will find usually 5 beauty items. From anything from cosmetics to skin care & accessories too. Some items will probably be a full sized products & some will be a ( usually ) decent sized sample. Whatever you get though the total will exceed the price you have paid for the original box. If you don't watch You Tube videos or read blogs posts of openings then you will have a surprise each month. You will not know what you get until it arrives. Of course some months you may be not so happy but if like me you like the idea of getting a package ( usually a gorgeous box like this too) each month filled with nice surprises then these are definitely for you.

** This months festive box is now sadly sold out but you can sub to start from the January 2014 box. 

Below is box 1

As with all Glossyboxes there are some items that are the same. I will start with those from box 1. I will put a * by the full size products.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition | Naturals Razor - A 3 in 1 razor that lathers, moisturises & shaves. Priced at £6.49 for full size*.

Beautiful Moments Cosmetics | Nude Lip Gloss - 4ml sample tube. Full sized is £8 for 8ml so this is a good size still.

Maybelline New York | Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara - Our first brow-enhancing mascara , is a fool proof formula that coats brows in rich colour. Apply by simply combing the ball brush through eyebrows for a fuller brow. Full size tube is £4.99 for 7.6ml*. 

Seche | Nail Lacquer - the shade in this box is Empress 69222. 
Seche nail polish delivers pure colour saturation , allowing for one coat coverage and a satin smooth finish, which dries quickly.
I will say I am not keen on this colour (it's a deep purple shade which really is not my cup of tea at all) & actually the bottle seems to have dried out varnish around the top of the bottle on on the front. I am not sure if that has come from another bottle or mine but as it is not a colour I would use I am not wanting to open it at this stage. Priced at £9.95 for a full size * bottle of 14ml.

Then we come to the one product that is different. 

Bee Nature | Bee Nature Soap - Bee Nature soap is all natural , with a base honey and poppy seeds. 
The price of this is in euros so my converting of e5.50 gives me £4.60. However that is for a full size of 100 but I have weighed this & it is around 50g so I will call it £2.30!!! 

I'll total the boxes up at the end of this post with a round up of my thoughts overall.

Now for box 2.

So as with box 1 we had the Razor, lip gloss & brow mascara.

There was also the nail polish this time in shade Chocolat ( 66227) which I quite like as it is a reddish brown colour.

The  product that is different from the first box is actually one of my favourites from the whole 2 packages I think.

Rituals | Miracle Balm - A luxurious rich hand balm specially developed to soothe & calm dry, rough hands, leaving a divine floral scent.
It can be used as an overnight mask too.

Full size is £10 for 75ml *.

Now on to my maths ( which is questionable ;-\)

Box 1 - comes to around £30 which is £20 more than I paid for the box.

Box 2 - has a total of £37.43 which I think is amazing difference from what I paid. 

Overall total then is £67. 43 which is a whopping £47 more than I originally paid.

I definitely prefer box 2 for the hand balm alone. However overall I am impressed with both boxes. I won't use the soap but I have a hubby who will plus there is the purple nail varnish that I probably won't use.The rest will get used at some point in the future. Definite thumbs up this month Glossybox!

Well I think I have covered everything as much as I can. I cannot at this stage give a review on anything as I have not used anything. If though there is something you would like more detail on then please do ask me & I will see what I can do. 

Many thanks for reading
Amanda xxx

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