Thursday, 5 December 2013

Groceries | 4/5 Dec | Tesco | Ocado

As I said last week I have decided to not go to Tesco as much for my weekly shop. I have done an Ocado shop this week & just nipped to Tesco for the things like the sausages which we really like, the milk is still 3 for £3 so no brainer there. Plus Tesco had a deal on the Tassimo items which ended on Tuesday. I spent slightly more than I should have done but I added an Xmas present to the trolley ( not shown because the person may read this) & also the heart bowls were a naughty purchase!! hehe.

From Tesco - Tassimo/Twinnings Chai Latte & Tassimo/Costa Americano ( 2 for £6 - the deal has now ended I believe although may still be worth checking.) Semi skimmed milk ( 3 for £3.) Porridge pots (  5 for £4.50. I have various flavours here to try.) Multivitamins ( for the kids. It was 3 for 2 on these. So I paid £6 instead of £9.) Cumberland sausages. Eggs. Tesco choc chip cookies ( 2 packs.) Style at home magazine. 2 bread rolls. 

Lastly the set of 3 heart bowls were £10. It was 3 for 2 on this type of thing but I did not see anything else I really wanted. 


Now for my thoughts on my 1st Ocado order. I found it really easy to use the site & had the shop done in no time. It helped I think because this week the shopping list was much less anyway & with the stuff I got in Tesco it made for a quite a nice little shopping haul.

The delivery driver was really nice. Let's face it I think this was one of my main worries. We know how some delivery drivers can be so this was always going to be a big part of the whole process for me. Anyway he was very helpful explaining everything, answering a couple fo questions I had too. 

Photo 1- Nestle Oats & More Raisins. Dettol Anti-bac wipes ( 3 for 2. Usual price £3 each.) Nivea Visage Cleansing Wipes ( these were half price. Should have been £2.90 each but I paid £4.35 for the 3 packs. ) Sweetcorn triple pack. Crosse & Blackwell Beans ( we usually have Heinz but I thought I would give these a try as they are a 1/3 off. Usually £2.35.) Malted milk biscuits. Bourbons ( 2 packs.) Hot x Buns. Icing Sugar. Granulated Sugar. 

Photo 2 - Waitrose Essential Straight cut chips. 

Photo 3 - Lucozade Sport ( 2 for £5. Usually £3.85 each. ) Turkey Rashers. Utterly Butterly ( half price. usually £1.80 each) Waitrose Low Fat Natural Yogurt. Walkers Hoops & Crosses ( 3 for £4. We have not had these before so a try we will give.

Photo 4 - Spinach x3 packs ( Mix & Match 3 for £2.50. Usually 99p each.) Ocado Spring Greens. Ocado British Seasonal Apples. Cherry toms. White cabbage & last but not least Red grapes.

So I think on 1st impressions I really like doing the shopping this way. Will definitely be using them for the foreseeable anyway. 

Thank you for reading.
Amanda xx

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