Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Our Decorations

It is that time of year again! I struggle to wait until December the 1st to put our decorations up. It is the one thing though that Rob is adamant about. It was quite a busy weekend but there was no way I was waiting til the next one to do them! There is still a few things to put out. Mainly the things that I need Robs help for. I am also still debating whether I need more on  the top shelf as shown in picture 2. The 2nd shelf looks better as I have the candles making it appear brighter I think. I have another idea though so when I get a moment later today ( although it is 2 pm already & with, laundry  ironing & dinner prep to get on with it I don't that will be this side of dinner!!)

I am not the best tree decorator in the world but I have to say this year I am really liking it.  I do think next year we may have to get some new baubles though. Many are losing their paint now as we have had them for quite a few years & as always happens a few break with each passing year. So, a must for the sales I think if I can find what I like. 

I don't as a rule have much else on my tree apart from lights, baubles & the star. This Owl though was very lucky to be placed on the tree along with another little Robin chap in the same pink & green colours. Again I may have to grab more when the sales hit as I they look so lovely on my tree ( & it gives me a chance to have pink in the room! lol.) 

Santa's Workshop is our newest ornament. We have 3 of the scenes now as they are our Xmas "tradition" right now. This one should have been £94 but as I had a 50% voucher to use I got it for a much better price. It is is definitely my favourite of the scenes we have. 

I hope you have enjoyed a look at my decorations with me. I am by no means a fantastic decorator ata ll but it does look very festive in here , especially when the other lights are off & the room is lit by the fairy lights etc only. 

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

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