Saturday, 7 December 2013

Product Empties 4

I did not expect to have many empties for this post. On looking in the bag I actually discovered I have 14 items!! I think because many are smaller items like gift sized bottles & make up it made me think the bag was empty. I am going to do them all in one post as I don't think I need to split them up this time. 

One thing I did notice was ... NO BATISTE! This is shocking & I am obviously slacking on the hair front ( or maybe just being less lazy & washing it more often!)

Aquafresh Extra Care Tingling Mint Mouthwash. This is Family friendly ( 6+.) I like this one. I don't like them when they are too strong & think this does a great job. I buy this one all the time. Usually Tesco or Boots. Depending which has it on offer! Boots are including it in their 3 for 2 on dental right now.

Dove Deodorant. Well we certainly have this chat on a regular basis. Yes I love this. Yes I would & have buy again. Available in Boots, Tesco, Wilkos, Sainsbury etc....

LUSH Dirty Springwash Shower Gel . This is another favourite of mine. Seen in favourites & previous empties. Love it. Need to get more. I don't like a scent to be over powering. This is really nice & subtle but lasts all day. Brilliant.

Body Shop Body Butter - Moringa. I got this little pot at my sons school summer fete. A stall of toiletries for 50p each?? Don't mind if i do. I like Moringa very much. I am currently using the body spray of it & could continue to use it for ever more. Another nice long lasting fragrance. Shame I have run out of this. I have so many other body butters in my back up drawer to last me for years so I can't re buy this one. The full sized tub is around £13 but there are offers right now so definitely worth checking out.

Body Shop Bath & Shower Gel in Papaya. An item from a gift set. I wasn't that taken with this. I did not think there was much of scent at all & not much lather to write home about either. Still it used up one of the many gift sized bottles I have. The full size is 200ml at £4.

Champneys Spa Treatments Skin Comforting Shower Cream. I could not find this item at all apart from within a gift set from Boots ( which is how mine came anyway.) Did not like. Contains coconut oil so not really my thing at all. It got used up though so happy to throw the empty container away.

Botanics Softening Body Wash. Another gift set item. Not sure if I have just had this too long ( although I actually only opened it last month) but there did not seem any scent to it at all & again there was no real lather going on. Don't impress me much as Shania Twain would say!

Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover. Not for me. the kind with half liquid / half oil. It did not seem to remove my make-up well at all. I felt the stuff on my lids for a while after too & on occasion my eyes stung too briefly. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Fix & Primer. Another on my always re buy list. Really does the job it is meant to a lot more than others i have tired. I would not call it holy grail stuff though as I am sure there is something even better out there but I have yet to find such a thing.

Max Factor FaceFinity Compact Foundation - Sand (05.) I have used this many times in the past but this is the 1st time I have used this in brand in about a year as I have been loving my Boujois one instead. Whilst I still very much like the forumla for this one I did not think to check the colour was still a match for my skin. Sadly it made my face a little too orange this time.Something for me to remember when I next buy it. Oops.

Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream. I don't think it did anything special. I don't think I would purchase this again. 

Max Factor LipFinity. I have been a long time fan of the LipFinity lip colours. I always have one in my make-up bag. As you will probably remember I always talk about being able to use a lip colour that I know is going to last for a while. These definitely fit the bill. I am not sure on the shade as both name & number have come off. Really nice as always my lips do not dry out  but has now dried out in the tube. There wasn't a great amount left though so I don't mind too much.

Maybelline Stay 24 Lip Colour - Rose Dust (185.) Another just like the LipFinity for long lasting. This was a slightly pinker tone for me as I generally veer towards reddy tones more. 

NYX Concealer - Light(CW03.) The problem with buying online can be you don;t always choose the right shade for things. Sadly that was the case for this in that it was too light so thus did nothing! 


That draws to a close another empties post. Thank you for reading this. Do tell me what you have been using up lately. Do you use any of the products mentioned? 
Amanda xx

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