Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas | 2013

Good Morning Everyone

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Christmas wherever you spent it.

We had a really lovely day. Just the 4 of us until mid afternoon . it was very long morning as it started at 5am ( as Brad did not fall asleep til nigh on midnight that was a very short night indeed.) We all opened our stockings in our room before heading downstairs. The boys opened their presents from Santa before we started to open presents from each other & other family members. Finley was sat down at the table about 10:45 waiting for his dinner & thus we found ourselves done & dusted with the Xmas dinner by around 12:15 ( thanks Rob it was lovely.) We did not mind this as we were heading to Robs brother & family mid afternoon anyway so gave us plenty of time to rest those tums!

Now I know some of you will not like this post so much. Some see these kind of things as bragging. Myself I love them (but then we have established I am nosy! hehe.) Thus I wanted to share with you what Santa brought for me this year. I felt like a very lucky girl indeed.

From Rob & The Boys.

Marc Jacobs - Honey perfume
Cath Kidston Purse
Babylis - Curling Wand Pro

My stocking items including Nspa body butters, Olay skincare, Batiste ( of course ) & most importantly a box of Maltesers. 

Then my favourite present of all was presented to me last night by Rob once the kids were in bed ( mind out the gutters!!) 

I was really desperate  for this "Soap & Glory" set but with Xmas approaching I had to rein myself in even though £27 instead of £60 was quite hard to resist. However I have a hubby who knows quite well what I like had unbeknownst to me already been made aware of it ( thank you Martin Lewis at Daybreak ;-)! ) I was so excited. 

It contains:-
Hand Food (Hand Cream)
Sugar Crush (Body Wash)
The Righteous Butter ( Body Butter)
Peaches & Clean (Deep Purifying Cleanser
Heel Genius ( Foot Cream - used it before. It sticks but does a fantastic job)
Butter Yourself ( Moisture Lotion)
The Scrub Of Your Life ( Body Buffer)
Thick & Fast (Super Volume Mascara)
Sexy Mother Pucker XL ( In Pink Out Loud)

Also 3 sachets of serum in the booklet.
Some of these I have used before but plenty I haven't so very excited to start using!!

From my Mum & Stepdad.

Boots giftcard ( *woop*)

Baylis Foot Lotion & Socks
Sanctuary gift set 
Notecards set.

Tin of Biscuits. I love this for the tin alone!!! Definitely one to keep!

Presents from Friends

Jewelry set containing necklace, earrings & bracelet ( cute snowflake design.) & a charm bracelet (best friends.)

Writing set. So cute, I don't want to use it! lol.

There is other things I have not shown otherwise we would be here all day. I hope you enjoyed looking at my gifts. I am such a lucky girl because I get to spend the day with my husband, children ( for now until they get older) & got some amazing presents.

Let me know what you got. If you have a blog post or You Tube video with what you got them please leave me a link as I would love to see.

Thank you for reading. I am not sure if I will have any more posts up before the New Year so this may be the last one of 2013. So I will wish you a Happy New Year now. 

Amanda xxx

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