Wednesday, 15 January 2014

January Project Pan | Mid Way Update

As promised here is the mid point update for my January Project Pan - details of items included with links can be found HERE.

In the photo above we have the empties. 

Clinique turnaround body lotion - all used up. I love this so sad it cannot be bought anymore. Always find it sinks in well. Leave my skin feeling really nice & a very subtle scent to it. I found it ideal for daytime use as it did not over power my perfume like some can do. 

Rimmel Bronzer - I hit major pan on this & my brush does not want to know about getting the product from the edges so in the bin it is going. Love it. I would buy it again but have several other bronzers that I really should use up 1st or at least dig into.

Lastly the Clinique lipstick in All Heart. Not technically an empty because I did not use it up. I was doing quite well with it but then as you can see from the photo I managed to break it. Now it is useless. Even If i could , I would not buy this again. Very pretty colour & nice on the lips if you only apply it once! However I found I had to keep re-applying several times a day because it would go from my lips so quickly. Thus it did make my lips feel dry if applying more than once or twice. We all know I am fussy when it comes to my lip products though.


So that means we are left with 7 items to use up before the end of the month. 

In the case of the Bourjois foundation & OPI nail polish I can definitely see me using them up. There is not a lot of uses left in the foundation & I think only one more application of the polish.
The MUA polish may well get binned before the end. I have used it & I don't think there is a lot of product left but I am finding it quite watery despite shaking the bottle like I usually would before applying. 

The blusher looks barely used even though I have every day. The Revlon lip butter is similar to the Clinique & just does not last long enough so I have almost given up using it unless I know I am only leaving the house for half hour. For lips I have just gone back to my trusty Maybelline colorstay. 

Then the Champneys spritz lotion also looks like I have barely used it since I took the photo. I have used it most days but not a dent. 

The bottom lash mascara I cannot say. For a small pot it seems to have a "bottom-less" pit too so time will tell about this!

So overall looking at the half way mark this PP is not going to be as successful as the last one I did. I am probably just a bit too ambitious with the items I chose for this one. Still there is half a month to go yet so we can see how I actually do then.

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

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  1. You know what I go through like anything? Hand cream, as I've such sensitive dry skin, every time I wash my hands I need hand cream - at least a tube a week :(