Saturday, 8 February 2014

Product Empties 6 | Part 1 | Hair, Body & Skincare

Today I am bringing you my empties. I have tons this time. I have so many products that I have used up already that I need to do this post just so I can empty a very full bag. A lot of it is sample sized items so I am going to do the empties in 2 parts because whilst there is not a great amount in each category there would have to  be a post of over 20 items if I did just the 1!! 

Part 1 as you can see from the title is hair , body & skincare. Part 2 ( coming tomorrow if you wanted to know!)  will bring you the make-up & samples.

On we go with ( in no real order) ....


Soap & Glory | Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub - this was OK. I did find it irritated my skin for a little bit afterwards. I am not sure if that was purely down to it working or where my skin really did not like it. Also it is not the lovely scent I love from Soap & Glory so I probably wouldn't buy it again as I think it is quite expensive when there are just as good things out there that do the same job ( with less irritation.) I think I may have a small bottle in my stash but I may end up giving that away as it was quite annoying to itch afterwards!

Dove | Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant - I know you know I love this brand & I was not going to include it but I had not used this scent before I don;t think so decided to include after all. It was a lovely fresh scent. It did not over power but did keep me smelling nice all day long! perfect!

Body Shop | Moringa Body Mist - I am sad to have used this up. I like this scent. I don't generally go for anything that is too floral but I find this a nice subtle scent. Lasts a while too which is perfect for long days out. I don't actually own many body sprays/ mists so may well treat myself again very soon ,although I do have the Morning EDT right now so I can use that for the time being anyway. But next Body Shop purchase....!

Toni & Guy | Deep Conditioning Mask For Brunette Hair - I spoke about this in my last favourites. I found for the 1st few uses it did nothing to help my hair at all. In the end though it has been amazing. My hair feels so clean & soft after using this. I can go 2/3 days sometimes without having to wash my hair again. I have already re-purchased as I love it so much.

Wilkinson | Fruity Blackcurrant Handwash - Smells OK & seems to clean OK. I do have a couple more as I bought them in a 3 for 2 deal or something back in October / November. I doubt I would buy them again though once they are used up. Not that exciting. Great cheap hand soap though if you don't have the money to spend on something a little nicer.

Body Shop | Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion - LOVED THIS!! It is only a small bottle & as I have quite bad hard skin I did use it really quickly. I like it though, it did a fantastic job & I would definitely buy it again soon .


Now we come to the skincare

Boots | No 7 Cleansing Water - It was OK. I think I have said before that I don't think these types of product are really for me. I did feel it left my skin a little sticky after use. I don't really know what else to say. I do have another 1 so will use that in time but I don't think I would buy it again. maybe time to admit defeat with cleansing waters!

LUSH - The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask - I did not like this. I am not sure if my skin just found it too much but I found after only the 2nd use ( about 2 days after I opened it) that my skin burnt slightly for a while afterwards. I decided to just throw the rest of the product away which as I had only used it twice was a shame but I can't use anything i think my not be good for my skin. 

Clinique | Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - This is the "new" formula. I do love this stuff & would re-purchase when the times arises for me to do so.However I cannot say I noticed it did anything different than before that changed it.

Clarins | Extra-Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle  Rejuvenating Cream - The scent is divine. I really think Clarins need to make this a room scent or a car air freshener thing. I would love that. Such a calming aroma! Another product that has featured in a previous favourites. I was skeptical, I will be honest as do we really need a separate cream for the neck? For some maybe not but actually I thought this was amazing!! Which is good as it wasn't cheap!!I swear my skin feels softer around the neck & decollete area. I usually apply this at night only so it works whilst I am asleep. As you know from a recent haul I have another pot of this already.

So, there we have the end of Part 1. Tomorrow I will bring the 2nd & last one. 

Link me to you're empties videos or blog posts. I love to read them. If you comment leave your blog address anyway as I like to check new ones out all the time.

Thanks Amanda x

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  1. I thought I used a lot of things but you beat even me. The thing is I have seriously sensitive skin so I stick to what I know now and that tends to be avon and a few Victoria's secrets things...