Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Top 5 Bloggers

Today I am sharing with you my Top 5 Bloggers. hard to whittle it down to just 5 & they are actually in no real order as I love reading them all just as much. It is really important to me to read blogs that are down to earth & not all about how much things cost. I want to feel we could chat over a cup of coffee & become friends too. 

Mainly a beauty & fashion theme as that is my current loves.

Lets start with 

The Witt Family - this is really the only no beauty or fashion I am including. Filled with recipes, day to day family life & others. I find it a real treat to read. Claire also has You Tube Channels. XCountryClairesLovesX aimed at the Beauty & fashion side & also Thewittfamily where you will find day in the life vlogs, as well as meals of the week, grocery hauls & other things. 

Essie-Button - I love Essie. An amazing beauty guru who was actually the 1st beauty you-tuber I watched back in January 2013 ( a product empties for anyone wondering.) I love her style of putting her topics across whether is is beauty items ( I spend a lot of money sometimes after watching her videos) or the daily vlogs she does with her other half Aslan & their gorgeous new addition Reggie the greyhound. Very down to earth kinda gal. I love that.

Style Guile - The 1st fashion blog I started to read a couple of years ago . Some people moan about these "type" of blogs as they feel it is just woman showing off what they spend on clothes. I do not see it that way. For me it is about getting ideas of ways to wear things. usually I will see something that Beth from Style Guile is showing in a post & think how can I create similar without the price tag. Not that Beth is ever showing things way past my budget but the amount of times I have seen an outfit & been able to recreate it either cheaper or with what I already is actually high. For instance I fell in love with a blue spotty dress from Hobbs but with a price tag of over £100 in the sale it was not an option for me. However a quick Google search brought up a dress quite similar from Tesco for just £13. Personally I think anyone who thinks negatively about these blogs is the one with the problem. 

School Gate Style - Similar to Beth & another that others do not always agree with. I adore Avril. Like Beth, she shows me ways of wearing my own clothes a hopefully better way. As both woman are mums too & have that really lovely down to earth vibe I find myself time & time again looking their way for inspiration.

Lastly but by no means least 

Sprinkle Of Glitter - I adore Louise so much. Her blogs cover a few subjects including beauty , fashion , as well as her little darling baby glitter who is the cutest child ever ( after mine of course!) I watch her You Tube videos & laugh out loud as she is so funny. her way of saying things is like no one else I know.

So that comes to the end. I have not included You Tube addresses for some as next week I will be doing a You Tubers version of this & will include them then. Of course a quick search will bring them up if you can't wait that long.

Thanks for reading.

Amanda x

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