Sunday, 16 February 2014

100 Days Spending Ban

Morning all,

I have been inspired after reading a post by the lovely Sophia over at Beauty In Mind : Beauty Blog UK to do my own 100 day spending ban. Whilst the thought to be honest does bring me out in a cold sweat , I am eager to give this a go. I have so much stuff in my stash that I really don't need to purchase much at all if I am honest with myself.

My counting ( for what it is worth) brings the 100 days up to 27th May. If anyone thinks I am wrong then do let me know!! Maths never my strong point. LOL!

So from today I won't be buying anymore make-up, skincare, hair care etc for 100 days. 

Its going to be tough going, that sweat is getting worse as I do love my beauty spending & struggle even to walk past Poundland & such places without looking!

I will update you in a months time on how things are going.

Are you doing your own spending ban project? Share with me if you are & let me know how you get on.

Amanda xx

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  1. Good for you on giving the spending ban a go! :) resisting shopping is hard at first but it does get easier! Good luck. Let me know how you get on xx