Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February 2014 GlossyBox || Be Mine Valentine Edition

Now I am well aware that I said that I was going to un-sub from Glossybox & to be fair to myself I have done just that after receiving this one. I just figured though with my spending ban approaching (in fact by the time this is posted it will have begun!!) that I would have GB come for just this last month before the 100 days starts. Then once I have also received this months Birchbox that really must be it for anything beauty until the end of May ( it does make me feel quite faint you know!!)

After last months box I really did not know what to expect from this one. I had seen pics of the nail polish though so I'll be honest & say that alone had me excited for it to arrive.

So below is the box in all its glory of contents ( sorry no mag in the pic as I threw that away before taking this.) So far , so far looking good.

So in order of appearance on the card....

Ciate  Paint Pot || Nail Polish in Playdate. Full size (13.5ml) £9 - the polish is quite a hot pink ( looks much redder in the pic though.) Not normally a colour I would veer towards but I do like Ciate polishes so very much looking forward to giving this a try.

H2K Skincare || Je t'adore Aromatics Shampoo & Sensual Hydrating Hair Conditioner - These are full size. The shampoo is 30ml whilst the conditioner is 40ml. I don't usually use a separate conditioner as I am too lazy unless I am using a conditioning mask. The shampoo I will use for sure & can give a review when I do. Full size is £2.48 ( I am guessing that is overall rather than each!)

Maybelline || ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick - Mine is in Tantalizing Taupe. I will most definitely try this. Review when I do if wanted. This is full size & comes in at £6.99

Nougat London || Sparkling Body Shimmer - I probably have too many body lotions but I do like them so I am sure that this will get a definite use at some point. The cherry blossom scent did not seem to transfer at all from bottle to skin but it was only a quick try with it. It did sink in nicely though. Full size is £14 for 250ml. This bottle is 100 ml so still a good size to try. My maths comes in at around £4. Correct me if I am wrong.

Sleep In Rollers || Backcombing Brush - This probably is my least favourite item in the box or at least the one that excited me the least. I shall give it ago though & decide on my true thoughts. This is £4.50. One size.

Then there was the chocolate which I lovingly gave to Rob & that was 70p I think for that tiny bar ( Lindt chocolate is so worth it though.)
Final calculation for the box with my dubious maths was £26.47 which is not a bad profit on the original £13 (inc shipping) that the box cost. 

I have to say this box did please me. Most products I will use & there are a lot of full sized items which pleased me most of all. TBH this box had me won at the polish anyway & lipstick! 

let me know what came in your box & your thoughts on the products.

Amanda xxx

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  1. I cancelled glossy box a few months ago because what they were sending was just not me at all. All the false eyelashes tipped the scales. Along with the October romance box that promised so much and delivered nothing that fit the theme apart from a cheap nasty lip tint which I couldn't use because the brush was glued together. I have to say that this box isn't too bad. Those hair products look tiny though. Lipstick is nice and surprisingly not garish which is their usual preference. Can you tell I've had bitter experience lol?