Monday, 3 February 2014

January 2014 | Random Favourites | Just A Small One!

There are not many non beauty related items this month. 

My obsession with Yankee Candles continues. I am loving all 4 that I am burning right now ( not all at once I might add) but I have picked out just 2 for this post. Pink Lady Slippers smells just like Parma Violet sweets so can't go wrong at all in my eyes. Then Champaca Blossom is a subtle smelling floral fragrance from the new releases. Both make me very happy!

Loving my fox scarf from New Look. I got mine in the sale & it is out of stock online. You may find one in store though if you look hard enough. I can't promise though.

Lastly this weekly planner pad.. bought from eBay off THIS SELLER. It is perfect for a list make like me :-). There are many designs ( I wanted Owls really but it was out of stock.)

There! Told you it was short.
Thanks for reading.
Amanda x

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