Sunday, 16 March 2014

100 Day Spending Ban Update 1 || 16/03/14

I am here today with a quick update on my 100 day spending ban which I started a month ago

I've been very , very good & not bought 1 beauty related item but I will be honest & say it has been so-o hard too! I did not expect that as I am hardly short of things to use.

This last month I have had Finley home several times due to illness & I think the mixture of cabin fever & tempting emails has made it quite tempting.

I think actually the hardest thing is seeing new products & knowing I can't try them yet!

I did visit the shops on the 1st day & whilst I slowed down a little when I walked past Boots , I did manage to survive... just!

The end of May does seem ages away though & the more tired I am getting the harder it is.

I will get through as I have told myself I am month through it already with just 2 more to go & my reward will be to go shopping for all the things I will have run out of by then.

Anyone else on a spending ban? How long for? How well is it going? 

Amanda xxx

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