Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lack Of Posts || Separate Blogs

I am apologising for the lack of posts from me atm. My spending ban plus a sick household ( Fin & the hubby) means my inspiration right now has gone completely out of the window. I do have a few ideas that I may or may not use but my motivation right now is non existent - we can put this down to lack of sleep. I have one or two posts already scheduled but that is it. I promise to try to be a better blogger.

That actually leads me on to my next question? Do you think I would be better having separate blogs? Whilst my initial reason for the blog was for to have a platform to write about whatever I want too, I actually now wonder if all the beauty related stuff would be better with a blog of its own? Then this blog can be for everything else? 

Let me know what you guys think? Any feedback, advice etc is welcome.

Amanda x

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