Tuesday, 27 May 2014

100 Day Make-Up Spending Ban - The Finale

I did it! I did it! That was the longest 100 days of my life, I really have to tell you. Whilst it is not a proper real life nightmare case , I am NEVER DOING IT AGAIN!!! ON a day to day basis it was quite easy I guess BUT that was trying very hard not too look at ANYTHING that came in emails/ magazines etc. The amount of sales etc that have happened in this time have been so hard to ignore. As for going INTO shops that was the worst thing but at least I could avoid that as much as poss as my own town is crap for make-up anyway. However, my recent trip to Brighton with my friend was a bit hard as we had to walk past the beauty counters in Debenhams to get to the sections were looking for. This involved me putting my hands either side of my face so as to avoid eye contact with the counter ladies. I probably looked very silly but this meant my ban was still safe with just 1 week to go!!

See HERE for the beginning!

Over 100 days I only bought the eye cream. Plus Rob bought me some perfume in Brighton the other week. I don't class this as cheating though as...

1 Rob paid for it
2 It is the Bronze Goddess one by Estee Lauder. Which is limited edition for summer every year & as mine was nearly gone I wanted some before they sold out!!

So, 100 days & there is a big dent in my stash so I guess I better go do some shopping then :-)!!!

Have you done a ban of your own? How long was yours for? How did you get on?

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

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