Saturday, 31 May 2014

Beauty Product Empties #10

Morning all,

I would not have done another product empties post quite so soon, only I have accumulated so many  more used up items that I just want to get rid of them into the trash!

So , here we go with Empties post number 10! 

Yes, Batiste Dry Shampoo ( in Tropical scent)  & Dove Deodorant (this time in grapefruit & lemongrass ) once again . As always a huge thumbs up from me. Buy at Boots, Superdrug etc...!
VO5 Extra Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray - to me as long as a product is doing its job then I will buy whichever. Hairspray , as long as it does not leave my hair sticky or crispy is fine by me. This did a good job. I would buy again happily. Am I right in thinking they have changed the packaging as I can only find a link for you to a pink can?
Nivea Hand Nourishing hand Cream - One thing I do suffer from is dry hands from time to time. This does a great job at helping. I have gone through so many of these tubes. I cannot buy it right now as I have so many other hand creams to use up. I definitely recommend giving it a go though if you suffer from dry hands too. Pleasant smell & sinks in very well.
No 7 Bath Soak - This is for sure on my re-purchase list. It was heaven using this in my bath. Such soft bubbles & left my skin feeling so amazing. The scent is subtle & so relaxing.
Clarins Relax Bath Concentrate - For use in the bath or shower. I hated the smell of this. I got it in a bonus gift bag otherwise I would not have bought it as essential oils are really not my thing. It did leave me feeling nice & soft though so just because it is not my cup of tea does not mean you would not like it.
This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm - To be honest, it was OK it did its job but I don't think it did it any better than products I have used with a price tag much lower. Would not buy this again right now.
Baylis & Harding Lavender & Cassis Foot Balm - I got this in a gift set at Xmas  & cannot find it for sale individually. Did find a gift set though on eBay ( not the one I got but at least it contains the foot lotion.) Anyway, I thought it was rubbish. Did nothing for my heels at all.

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean 4 in 1 Cleansing Milk - they seemed to have changed it from 4 to 3 in 1 now. I did have this quite a while. It is used up, doesn't look it because those are the bits I can't get out! I adored the smell of this. I don't think it worked as well some of the cleansing washes I have used but I would use it again ( & do have a 3 in 1 I got for Xmas already.)
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Night Cream - this was nice. I got this in a huge set at Xmas ( I am still using up the day cream that came with it.) I would maybe re-purchase , or look in to trying other night creams from No7 as they seem to do a few.
Attitude Make Up Fixing Spray - This I love but struggle to find it in stock ANYWHERE. I can get through eBay but I bought mine for less in Savers. Right now I am using others so don't actually need to be in a rush to buy it but may have to fork it out if I really want it. One of the next fixing sprays in my opinion. My make-up lasted for ages.
Clinique Liquid facial Soap Oily Skin Formula ( 3 or 4) - Not for me this one. I used it because I got it as a free gift & used it up. Nothing wrong with it, just not for my skin type.
Deep Sea Spa Magik Cleansing Facial Wash - a product from a beauty box. I quite liked this. Fresh smelling & I quite liked what it did to my skin. I doubt I would buy it in full size though as I don't think it was that good.

Now we finish with 3 products that are not empty but will be heading bin wards!
Bath & Bodyworks Hand Gel in Tuscan Vineyard- Like the other hand gel I had from them the smell is just way too overpowering! I was having to wash my hands when possible to rid myself of it. I will not be buying anymore of these. Thumbs down!
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Nude - There is nothing wrong with the product overall itself. I have just had it so long that it is starting to smell. Not near my face thank you! I won't buy it again. Purely because I have other foundations already & have found better ones since I 1st got this.
Maybelline Superstay 24 lipstick in Forever Heather - There is not actually a great deal of product in this. You can tell by the other end being missing that I have used loads of it. It is just what is left is a bit on the dry side. Pretty colour though so will always repurchase this as it stays for hours!!

What products have you used up recently? Post links to blog posts / YT videos of  your empties as I love to see them.

Thanks for reading

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