Friday, 2 May 2014

Brand Focus || Joe Browns

I have been a long time fan of the Joe Browns range. Down to the colourful array of their clothing & accessories that can brighten up the bleakest of weather. Also I generally downsize what I buy as I find they can come up a little big. I don't own much atm from the range apart from a pair of black ankle boots & a couple of cami vests that have long been relegated to bedtime wear only.

But love them I do so when this....

Popped though my door on Wednesday I could not help but have a peek. I decided to share with you some of my favourites from the catalogue.

Before I forget if you quote code CB1404GX then there is free delivery & returns until the 28th May. 

On with my selection then.
Beautiful Blossom Sun Dress £34.95. Code LD881a. Currently in a buy 2 dresses get £10 off deal. 

Fabulous Floral Wedge £22.95. Code LF362a.

Gorgeous Garden Party Dress £34.95. Code LD580a. Also in the 2 dresses get £10 off. This is my favourite of what I have seen today by far.

Basilica Dress £44.95. Code LD532a.

Make A Statement Daisy Necklace £22.95. Code BJ575a.

Funky T Bar Wedge £29.95. Code LF364a.

Floral Weekender £39.95. Code AD399a.

Carefully Crocheted Sweater £34.95. Code LK333a. I do like this but actually think it would make me hot whenever I wore it though.
Lastly a shout out to a few of the items on the Womens Outlet on their website. Of course by the time you read this some things may be out of stock etc so bear that in mind.
Coconut Grove Shirt £14.95 (Was £29.95.)

Singing Owl Dress £19.95 ( Was £29.95.) I love Owls so if this does not go into my basket it will be because they don't have my size!

Essential Studded Boots £15.95 (was £39.95.) 

Luscious Linen Jacket £19.95 ( was £39.95.) Love this but they don't have my size! Boo!!

Alpine Cardigan £16.95 ( was £34.95.) This is really cute AND they have my size still!

So, well done if you made it through the whole post. I hope you found this a little bit of interest. Let me know if there are any more brands you would like me to focus on. Seriously , I love sitting here sifting through things on websites so I am happy to do it!

See you again soon

Ps. Yes some damage was done to my credit card. Want to see the haul when it comes? 

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