Monday, 5 May 2014

Brighton Haul

 Hi all,

On Saturday we went on a family expedition to Brighton - Bank Holiday Weekend, not really sure why I thought it a good idea! Brad at 11 hates going anywhere far from his laptop & most of all hates shopping. Asking him to try anything is like you have asked him the worst thing ever. He walked round pretty much permanently with his pre-teen sulk face on , whilst 3 year old Fin was also in a stinker of a mood & pretty much refused to try anything on at all. To say I came home completely frazzled is an understatement to be honest. 

Both boys were appeased when we went for a quick walk a long the seafront ( Finley by fairground type rides & ice cream & Brad by the ice cream he hadn't actually wanted but soon changed his mind when he saw Fin's.)

I was quite pleased to get Fin to bed & then get the foot bath out for a much need sore feet restoration session. 

Anyway , as is the norm I go way off topic so let us begin ...

Let's start with Zara because that is were our journey started anyway. I saw lots of lovely things although I did forget to go look at a pair of shoes I had been interested in. My problem was that it was a case of in & try thing on as quick as poss before the 3 year old kicks off.

Zara Basics. These trousers are so lovely but I am failing to find then on the website. Very light pink in colour ( which is terrifying with a small child AND a dog! ) but such a change from black or blue. They have a lovely pattern on them which I really should have taken a photo of to show you too. Priced at £29.99. 
I tried these & they would have been lovely a size up but they did not have them in stock.  They have a cargo look about them but in skinny form. I am hating Zara website today. I must be tired as I cannot find anything. I think these were £29.99 again though. If I could find them I would order them in a size up as I adored these. Gutted I had to put them back. They did have other colours but I liked the green very much.

I did try a nice blue shirt on that had little anchors dotted all over it too. No pic as now Blogger is being a pain & won't let me upload It and SURPRISE I can't find it on the website. I loved it though but it was a medium & whilst it fitted OK I was not 100% sure I would be happy with it so I left it. If I ever find it again I will be sure to share the link. Times like this I wish I could drink wine!

Next stop was at Pull & Bear. Another location I could have added everything to my basket. Sadly though I came out with just 1 item.
I loved this cropped denim t-shirt but as with Zara they did not seem to have this on my size either :-(. I am not complaining too much mind because it was struggling to do up over my bust so this pleased me much :-)! The Printed Bedouin Trousers I love too & brought home with me. I have so many tops that I can pair this with - although I may have to look into getting this top in my size too if I can as I think they do go well together.
This was nice but again too small & I had got bored by then of trying things on so couldn't be bothered to go & find my size. I love the different shape of this compared to others like it. The rounding off looks amazing. Annoyingly I can't find this for you on the website though :-(.I think it was around £23 though but that is a guess only.I might take a trip back to Brighton soon, on my own & have another look in store. 
As with any shopping trip I went into H&M too. It is a big favourite of mine. I usually know my size very well & I came away with everything I tried on.

Playsuit - these companies do not like me. Another item I cannot find for you online. This blog post is a disaster. I am so sorry. This play suit was £12.99

Lace Dress - whilst the thought of wearing white fills me with all kinds of horror, I could not resist trying this on. I had to size up from 14 to 16 but for such a pretty dress I don't mind.
Jeans - £14.99. I struggle to find jeans. Always have done. I am so short ( a mere 5" 1 ) so very hard even in today's climate of the petite ranges. Today though I seemed to have much more success. These from H&M are so-o soft! I loved them as soon I stepped into them. As is the norm though they are a bit long but a quick turn up soon sorts that out nicely.

Next stop "Gap" & again I hit jackpot with Jeans! This really is unheard of & will probably not happen again. Oh & to make things feel even better everything was 30% off! 

Sexy Boyfriend Jeans.The photo does not do them justice. Despite having a fantastic sized changing room compared to anywhere else that day I did not take advantage of this & thus I look even shorter than I actually am. I did not think I would ever find a pair of Boyfriend jeans to suit me so yay me!

Basic tee - Nothing special about it but I love basic items like this in my wardrobe.

Last 2 stops took me to Primark & then Boots.

5 of their basic vest tops in various colours/ patterns. At £2.50 each they are a bargain. Used by usually as a layer underneath other items but great on their own too when the weather allows. I may go back for more as these will be perfect for our Spanish holiday. 

Estee Lauder "Bronze Goddess" perfume is my most favourite scent ever! Limited edition so whilst I am meant to be on a ban, this had to be bought for fear of selling out before I could get it again ( it is already sold out on Estee Lauder website & I could not find it online at Boots.)It really is the most amazing scent I have ever owned. I have never before bought the same perfume twice as I usually like to try lots of new ones. This I cannot resist. I got complimented on it in Gap & when I told the sales girl what it was she said she had tried that the day before & thought she recognised the scent. It was lovely to be complimented on it.

Blurb from the website as I can't do the notes of a perfume ever - 
*A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower and Vanilla combined with delicious creamy Coconut.*

Thank you for reading

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