Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cbeebiesland - My Review

If you have children of a certain age you probably won't have failed to see that Alton Towers have now opened Cbeebiesland within their resort. It opened on the 24th May 2014 & we were lucky to plan our family weekend away to go on the 2nd day of opening.

I thought I would do a review of out visit.

There was so much for our son to do. It was busy day , of course. 2nd day of opening over a bank holiday so this was expected. This meant though that actually we did not go on every ride  & this gives us an excuse to go back ;-).

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers 

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers

Photo courtesy of Alton Towers
Honestly I was almost as excited as my 3 year year old about this trip. Actually , I think it was because of him I was so excited! We started by queuing for the Tree Top Adventure ride. It was quite a wait , however there were little signs on the walls with the bugs on & words like "jump" "stretch" & "run" on them & this did so much to keep Finley entertained. The ride itself took you over the whole of Cbeebiesland so Finley was enthralled seeing all his favourite characters including Mike The Knight & Evie performing their show in the arena. 

Our journey then took us to Justin's Pie o'Matic , Postman Pat's Parcel Post , Numtums Number Go Round as well as In the Night Garden Boat Ride ( I LOVED THIS! ) The Something Special Sensory Garden followed by another go at Justin's House , the Tree Top Ride & Numtums. Oh & also the Meet & Greet with Upsy Daisy at the arena.
We will have to return to do everything else as we really did spend all day there!

The thing I loved was that whilst waiting for rides there was lots going on to try to keep the kids entertained. Postman Pat drove past the ITNG ride with Jess. The Mr Blooms Veggies were doing circuits in their prams. You had bubble blowing, stilt walkers AND we were also lucky to watch the Zingzillas drive past on their way to the arena ( seriously I tried very hard not to scream with excitement!)

Rob, my husband , who took Finley into the Pie O'Matic said the only bad thing he had to say was that Finley struggled to reach the guns that fire the balls. Whilst he is small for his age ( he will be 4 in August) I do think this maybe needs to be addressed so that next time he could enjoy it without my husband having to lift him to do it. It is such a minor thing though.

Overall we had a fantastic day. Our 3 year old most definitely made the most of his time there & I think that is the best way to judge of all. I doubt we will return this year but it is most surely on the list for next!! So see you 2015 Cbeebies.

A little collage of our day :-) 

Many thanks for reading
Amanda x

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  1. Great review Amanda - my dad is near Market Drayton so we'll have to take Luca for a day out next time we are up that way! I love Alton Towers - it reminds me of school trips in the 1980's when there was hardly anything there x