Friday, 16 May 2014

New Blog

Good Morning My Lovelies

Just to let you know I have created a new blog "What Maddie Wore". There I shall mainly posts of the What I Wore Today variety as well as other things fashioned related. I do have a few posts coming up on here related to clothing so I shall leave those here as I have no desire to move them!

This blog is still going to be here just filled up with every other interest in my life. 

I hope you join me in my new place.

Thanks Amanda xx


  1. Yay Amanda I have found your blog now as well! have been loving having you over on Ave 57. How was your Brighton trip ? x

  2. Ah bless you. That's so sweet.

    I'm exhausted today. We got there at around 10;30 & left at 4;15 to get train home. It was so hot & my feet were done in. But it was a fantastic day. I don't get to shop with a girlfriend very often so that was fab to have another opinion on things. Thankfully my friend found her outfit but I may have come home with a few bits too :-)! x