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What I Wore This Week || Up to 03/05/14

Morning all,
I am feeling a tad fed up. I don't really know why . A constant headache over last weekend did not help especially as we are in the process of trying to get 3 year old Fin back to sleeping through. i thought maybe having the goal of getting dressed & doing some OOTD would be quite nice. Something else to think about & a chance to wear things not yet worn as well as things i have not worn in ages. I then decided to do a weeks worth in one post.

Sundays outfit for a chilled out day  ( which still involved housework...Hmmm!)

Jeans/Jeggings - H&M (last years but similar?)
Jersey Top - H&M
Shirt - Zara ( I think this was in the sale but this looks lovely too!)
Shoes - Converse
Hair Clip ( bow ) - New Look ( mine ones no longer on website but try this one.)
My outfit for Monday was for the pre-school coffee morn for which I baked a ( very popular I might say) Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Dress - Zara ( sale item / no longer on website.)
Vest - Primark basic range
Leggings - Very (Savoir)

Cardigan - H&M
Boots - Clark ( old but these & these look fab .)
Tuesdays offering was met with " you're still in your pjs Mummy!" from the say it like it is Fin! Coffee( well tea due to headache) with friends on the agenda for this morning. ) Mind you , I also had to clean out the fridge ( it's all rock n roll ladies) so not sure it was the outfit for doing that.

Trousers - New Look ( These are a good 2 years old though so cannot find these ones. You could try these & what about these too?)
T-Shirt - Store 21. ( these were 2 for £4 I think. Not the best quality but do the job none the less. There were lots of other colours too. Gap though have a nice basic range too.
Cardigan - M&S ( Again this is around 2 years old  so not on the website. You can't go wrong with H&M though. I have several including this red one. If you wanted to stick with M&S though there is a nice Hot Pink one that I have my eye on too.
Footwear - Skechers ( I can't find this particular pair. They do these which are very similar & hopefully as comfy as I find mine. They do Natural as well as black too. )
Bag - Radley ( Again no sign on their website but they have other cross-body type bags on there. There is an array of other colours in this one.
My hair clip from New Look as before.
The pattern on my trousers. 
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I couldn't get Wednesdays pic right at all to the point I nearly gave up. Hubby took a load for me but all were blurred & no chance to re-take before he went to work. My mirror it was then & actually after a few takes this worked better than I thought & the plus side was you did not have to look at my messy hair & make-up free face.
It was Mummy uniform today as other than school run & chores , there was not much excitement to be had unless you call cleaning out the freezer excitement - still living that dream eh Ladies? I do have a cake to bake too, chocolate at Brads request. Oh I have noticed an unintended H&M theme today.

Jeans ( slim fit) - Zara ( new but not on the website.)
Jersey Vest - H&M
Top - H&M ( this top is actually a few years old .Nothing similar at H&M right now but tops with a little grey stripe going on are here , here ( a sweater but still love it) & here
Cardigan - H&M ( I can't find my exact one but the Fine-Knit Cardi is nice too.
Shoes - Converse Hi Tops

Bag - New Look ( ancient but a perfect just nipping out to school run & throwing my phone & keys into. Strap is a bit long though but this I can deal with. Had a look for something that could do the job too here & I love this one too!

Thursdays offering is very uninspired. Another day of chores/ running round for school/ basketball practice etc blah! The weather is abs terrible & NOW to help matters worse this photo does not want to stay where I am trying to put it in order of the days. I may just cry, but 1st I will get the child to pre-school & have a cheeky coffee on my return. maybe by then the frustration will have gone?

Anyway jeans are from H&M ( same ones I wore on Sunday. So still no sign on the website as they were last year buy but you can find an alternative by going to Sunday & following the link.
My vest is my new one by Brave Soul from the Very website. I love this, giving a small pop of colour in a very drab day.
My cardigan of choice is an oldie from Next. To be honest I am so warm & as I will be going round to pre-school in the car I have no need for a rain coat ( thankful for small things as I would melt) & so this will suffice. I quite like this though as an alternative.
Shoes are Skechers ( see Tuesday) & I am using the same bag from Thursday but I forgot to include that. Yes its that kind of day!

Nearly the weekend ladies & gents. Another day of errands ahead - the joys of being a stay at home Mummy! Today we have the kids passports to get sent off as well as a ton of shopping & later on today , much to 11 year old Brads dismay, a haircut. Right now he resembles Captain Caveman ( who remembers him or I am just really old?)
Today's ensemble seems to be brought to you today almost entirely from Next!

Top - Next - I've actually had this for a couple of months but only just plucked up the courage to wear it. I am terrified of white or cream clothes so never wear them. Today I think I have only braved it as it is layered under my...
Jumper - also Next. This was actually bought when the huge store 1st opened in Shoreham a couple of years ago so no longer on the website. This one from AX Paris looks quite a close match though.
Skirt - H&M
Leggings - Next
 Bag - Accessorize
Scarf -  Next 

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Boots - Joe Browns . Grab them quick because they are currently in the clearance section!

Saturday! A day of shopping in Brighton with all 3 boys. Was I mad? Yes I think I was tbh! 11 year old Brad HATES shopping & always has done so walked round with his pre-teen face on all day. Finley at 3 is also in his own Tweenager state & refused to try much on at all. Frazzled I most definitely was by the end of the day. Hauls coming in the next couple of days of what we bought but here is what I wore for our trip.

Top - New Look (SS14) I thought I would starte embracing a bit more white into my wardrobe. Quite frankly I am terrified!
Blazer - New Look (SS14.) I usually struggle with Blazers as I find them too hot & actually struggle to find anything that fits well. This ticked both those boxes. The fit was ideal AND it is quite thin & so was perfect for keeping me warm 1st thing in Brighton but not too hot for inside the shops.
Trousers - New Look ( see Tuesdays photo.)
Shoes - Skechers ( worn this week several times. So comfy & perfect for the shopping trip because of that!)
Bag - Radley ( see Tuesday again.)
Sunnies - Ralph Lauren
Hair Clip & Necklace - New Look. Sorry neither seem to be found on the website. This necklace almost looks the same though.

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