Monday, 16 June 2014

St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse

Good Morning Everyone!

My thoughts recently have turned to tanning! I think with our summer hols approaching that is only natural. 

For some reason my legs never tan no matter what I do. Arms are always a nice shade, my feet too & any other places exposed to the sun. My legs though remain as white as snow ( well you get what I mean anyway.)
To make things worse I am now on medication where I have to slap on sunscreen so no chance now then.

I was going to book in to have some tanning sessions before we go away as the thought of fake tanning myself filled me with horror. The thought I would do it so badly I would end up looking like an orange. Knowing my luck it would get on my hands & refuse to move. You know, those kind of fears.

Anyway lately & I think because I enjoying what beauty gurus on You Tube I finally plucked up the courage to give it a try. Over I went to my local Boots after reading a few comments from other people about what they used & then any reviews I could find on Boots & such places. I finally settled on this ...

St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Mousse. Luckily it was only £13 when I got mine so I was not too worried if I applied it once, hated it & needed to bin it ( or give to someone else .)
So off I headed home armed with a hand mitt too ( so at least if it went a bit wrong I would not end up with odd looking hands, ) did a skin test as soon as I got home & then next day , after exfoliating, did the whole of my legs.

I loved how easy it went on & whilst there is a smell I did not find it at all over powering. I have smelt much worse believe me.

Anyway, next morning I was ecstatic to get up & see that I had slightly less white legs! Hubby could see it a little bit too which made me very happy.) I thought i could see a couple of places I had missed although hubby insists he couldn't. I did not think though for my 1st attempt it was that bad at all. So later that day I re-applied making sure to go over the sections I thought I had missed. When I came down the next morning Mr maddie said "Wow! I can see it now really well."

I am using it every other day as want to preserve it because it was still a lot of money. That is plenty though to give my legs the colour they needed. Before the thought of wearing shorts or shorter skirts would not be top of my list but now I have a new found love of denim shorts!

I would certainly recommend this one , if like me you are a bit scared of doing so. I found it so easy to use. Yes, its  the expensive end of tanning but I figured it was something worth spending on. Don't forget the mitt too. I know many people don't bother but this allows me to have that piece of mind that it will be slightly less mess!

I do plan on trying other cheaper ones too sometime so will review as & when I do.

Do you use self tanning products? What would you recommend to someone like me who is still new to it? Have you tried the cheaper ones? 

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