Friday, 25 July 2014

Holiday Make-Up Shopping

Well that was the plan, as always though other things ended up in my basket. I DID get the holiday items ( some of which like toothbrushes etc are just too dull to share) so I don't feel quite as guilty & also one of the items I was not supposed to buy today was at least on my re-purchase list so that helps too. Am I convincing you??

1st stop was Boots as planned. 

Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer. Self tanning Dry Body Mist. In Light. Was £11.69. Currently £7.79. This was on the to buy list. I was going to grab another of the St Tropez Gradual one that I love but I saw this at a much more breathable price. Its only for taking on holiday after all. I have yet to try this but will do so before I go away in case I hate it!!

Seventeen Clear Definition Mascara. I use lots of this. Great atm when I am not putting too much on my face just to keep my eyebrows tidy. I still have one already open so this will go into the holiday bag as the one I am using will soon be in the bin.

All 3 from their travel sized section. All 3 for 2 on this type of thing too. I don't as a rule like this fragrance of Batiste but no where had this size in my tropical scent. Its only for a couple of uses so will be fine.
I then  needed a facial wash & an eye make up remover & these from Simple seemed as good as any for the job.

Now we come to the bits that I was not meant to get !!
L'Oreal Color Riche Nails in Versailles Gold ( the replacement) & also Pistachio Drage ( I think that is how it is spelled, I don't have the bottle to hand.) I should say they are lighter in real life. Picture is not very good. 

I was meant to be replacing my Collection concealer but they did not have it. So rather than leave it I looked at other brands. I came upon the L'Oreal True Match collection & thought the shade Sand suited me best.

It is currently 2 for £15 ion selected L'Oreal products so I got the concealer & one of the polishes in this deal. Got to save where we can ladies.

I also used a few Boots advantage coupons I had so came away with several more points for my card too.

I then nipped to Superdrug  to see if they had my Collection concealer there.

I reminded myself I wanted to add a new  Barry M Silk polish to my collection noticed it is 3 for 2 on the polishes so grabbed 3 before I changed my mind. 
Barry M Nail Polish ( Silk range ) in Mist, Truffle  &  Meadow

Collection lasting Perfection Concealer.
I noticed they no longer do my shade of this ( Fair which was number 2.) A little play with the 3 they do have though & I chose number 3 which is called Warm Medium.

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