Thursday, 14 August 2014

Travelling With An Stoma

This Thursday ( Today ) I am off to Majorca for a much welcome holiday with my wonderful 3 boys. 

I am not one to be scared of flying, in fact I love it & that side of the flying I cannot wait for.

However, this is my 1st trip to the airport & on a plane since I got my Illeostomy. To say that makes me nervous is an understatement. 
Whilst , I am sure the people of security in the airport must see things like Stomas on a day to day basis , for me I am almost terrified. 
I usually always set of the scanner, although usually this is down to wearing shoes with metal bits on , & the thought that a search will of course bring attention to my bag is a little bit scary if I am honest. 
I have paperwork from my GP to explain everything ( including the meds I will carry in my hand luggage , as I can't chance those in my suitcase) & really I am sure all my worries will be for nothing. I can't help though but be a little apprehensive. I think a lot of people would if this was their 1st flight since having it done too?
I've already told hubby he must go through 1st , followed by the boys so that if the scanner does go off for me or they need to check my bag, the boys will at least be with him whilst this is happening. Naturally he is too stay close to me too - irrational fear anyone?

Anyway, with luck that part will go as smoothly as poss & then we can just chill out until our flight is called. 

Then though we have the flight itself. Like I said flying does not bother me but I have no idea how my bag will respond to being in the cabin. Leaks happen of course now & then but usually I am either safely at home, or not far from home OR on holiday in the UK where I can at least keep things to myself much easier. This time I will be on a plane with no where to go apart from the loo. The thought of others knowing my business is a little bit odd. I will have to get on with it though & if a leak did occur just treat it like any other.  

Like I say I am sure everything will be fine. Fears though for my 1st flight with the bag though are surely not a surprise even if hopefully they will be for nothing.

Hopefully, I won't have too many nights sleep before then ( 3  to go if you wondered when I was writing this.)

Thank you for reading more of my ramblings!!!
Amanda x

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