Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What's In My Travel Toiletries Bag.

  Yesterday I posted my make-up bag & as promised here is the post with the toiletries for the holiday. I haven't included Toothbrush/ paste as we all take that with us don't we & that is all purely down to individual taste I think.

Above is everything I am taking bar the shaving items or the fake tan as I did not have them at the time of taking this photo.

I am never too fussed by what I use in way of shampoos & body wash when going abroad. If a holiday at home I tend to be more inclined to take something more interesting but not always. We usually take such things that the whole family can use. That way it cuts down on what space extras would use up plus these will all be gone by the time we come home again & if not I will be happy to just chuck them in the bin in Majorca. I'll try & commit to memory what they were like for my empties post although I can't see them being amazing really!

The shower gel is just a Boots one. Hopefully the scent is quite neutral. I always take 2 in 1 shampoos. I'm on holiday so can't be bothered with too much time spent in the shower & with the amazing dry shampoo these days anyway I have to spend even less time washing my hair. These 2 came from the Wilkos travel range

The Tresamme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray is a small size that I got in a gift set at Christmas. I kept it because I knew its size was perfect for travel. I have no idea how good it is as I have not used this before ( I really am A VO5 girl when it comes to hairspray usually.) The mini Batiste you can get in most places.  Most places sell the travel sized items on 3 for 2. This is not my favourite scent but nowhere had my tropical one left. Its only for a week, I can survive. Dove Anti-Perspirant. My favourite of all deodorants. Compressed can , although I am not a huge fan of them as I don't think they are that special but a good travel size. Again can be bought in a lot of places. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess -the only perfume I am taking & I have held off wearing it for about a month so that I keep it for the holiday. It's the most beautiful scent ever.
Skincare now. Again trying to keep things a bit more simple. Most of this is travel or gift size.
The wipes came from Poundland. Usually sold 2 for £1 I think. I don't as a rule use them for actually cleansing my face. They will just be used really to help keep my makeup brushes clean ( to save taking the cleaner ) & will be great also for freshening up through the day.
I will use Simple Refreshing Facial Wash in the evenings to remove my make-up with the Simple Eye Make Up Remover to of course take off my eye make up. Both came with the mini Batiste in the Boots 3 for 2 deal on travel bits. I will use the No 7 Cleansing Lotion as my morning cleanser. Moisturiser then, I will mostly day time use my Clinique Face Cream ( see yesterdays post) as my moisturiser but for bed time I have Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream. I also am taking the Emma Hardie Age Support Cream on the days I don't use the Clinique. The sponge is my favourite one from Botanics, which I use when doing my facial wash. The Cosmetic Pads come from Waitrose Essential range. 

Lastly then, the items that don't feature in the main photo. St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Mousse is my favourite. I have tried other brands but this is by far the easiest I have used. I have nearly finished the 1st can of this so needed to buy another - it is  a shame even when they have a deal with it , it is still a bit on the expensive side. However I don't use it everyday. I tend to use it 2 days in a row then have 2 days break so the original can has lasted a while ( 2 months roughly.) I must not forget the mitt when I pack!!!
For shaving then , I am leaving my Gillette Venus at home & taking this one from Wilkos instead. If it works well I'll bring home & buy refills & if not I will throw it away. I got the Gillette Satin Care & plan to share it with Hubby. I did ask if he was sure but he said he probably only shave twice whilst away - he would not do it at all if I would let him get away with it - so he really didn't care.

That is everything then. Well there is more but that is deodorants & other items for the boys & hubby. Everything will go in a big toiletry bag together. I think I ought to go. Its taken me HOURS to do this blog post ( kids eh?) & fear I am now just rambling!!

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