Friday, 5 December 2014

Weighing Things Up

Now that Xmas is almost upon - its December now so I am allowed to say that - it has also got me thinking about those pesky New Years Resolutions. Yes, they are always more miss than hit, with many of us making those resolutions that are broken with January barely starting. I actually rarely bother - the last one I made was a couple of years ago & that was to keep on top of the ironing more. A boring one but actually I did well that whole year!! So I have not bothered since

However, one thing has got me thinking seriously about making one for 2015 - my weight!

I have never ever been thin - that is never stick thin. Until a few years ago I was pretty much a size 10 to 12 in clothing. Whilst my tummy has always stuck out a bit I was always pretty happy with body image - a few inches taller would have been nice , still - & my weight was always at a figure I was happy with. 

This past year though it has crept up to around a stone & a half over my recommended weight - which should be roughly 8 & a half stone I believe.

Because of the Stoma bag I already had to size up a little to accommodate it with some clothing which was still OK. Now though depending on the shop I can be anything up to an 18!! Which is just not on at all!!

I know what half the trouble is. Whilst I think I can easily blame my medication ( because actually my problem areas beside my stomach & hips is actually my double chin - in fact I feel like doubling that figure too- its awful, ) it cannot all be put down to that.

Before Fin was a twinkle in Daddys eye - tmi? sorry - I would go on long walks with Barney as well as go to an exercise class or 2.
Oh & I ate a bit healthier too.

This meant that whilst I never lost weight, I was keeping steady at around 8 stone. I felt better for it too.

Along came Finley & doing much exercise - although we walked to most group  did a half hearted buggy fit with friends , when we always ended up at the coffee shoo with a nice fattening cake undoing all that work. As I was thinking about going back to an exercise class - dog walking was still hubbys domain at that point - I was struck down badly with a Crohns attack landing me in hospital.
I did try the Wii Fit now & then but working it around Finley was so hard. I did also think about going to an exercise class once Fin started pre-school - thinking has been as far as I have got to be honest.

The pup would be the best form of exercise for me right now but I don't seem to have the energy to take her more than round the block. 

So, simply I need to get that dog walking started properly , find a class to go to AND look at my diet. The diet is the hardest bit though as I am not a salad or veg person at all & have to watch a lot of what I eat too die to the stoma bag. By cutting out the crappy snacks though I would do a huge amount on its own.

Until I get moving I have no idea how much of it can really be blamed on my meds - however I firmly believe when I was doing the classes I felt so good about myself anyway that any weight loss would be a bonus. 

For 2015 then I NEED to make myself sort this out. I am so determined that this will happen .

Can I do it? Time will tell.

From January 1st I will keep you updated from time to time how I am getting on.

So, are you making any resolutions yourself? If so, what is it? 

Thanks for reading
Amanda x

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