Monday, 8 December 2014

Wishlist In Pictures

Today I thought I would share with you my wishlist in picture form. Its a small list of a variation of things including holiday destinations , clothing & other things. 
Back in March I did a bucket list & I know a couple of these things are on there as well. 

Before I start ,  is a just a fun post & not an I want, I want, I want post. Just thought I would put that out there.

I'm starting with ultimate wish ....

...New York....
This has been top of my list of destinations for as long as I can remember. There is so much I want to do there - visit the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building as well as maybe take in a show on Broadway & I would possibly do some shopping too...*ahem.*
Originally my destination of choice for our anniversary in 2010, it was put on hold mainly because Finley arrived & the lack of babysitters for such a small baby. Finances not great either. In October 2015 we celebrate 10 years so I am praying that finally the time will come when I can visit the "City That Never Sleeps."
I don't understand anyone who would not want to go to Disney! I would prefer Florida but would accept happily a trip to Disneyland Paris instead. I can't believe I have got to the age of 25 *ahem* & never been!! A caravan in the middle of nowhere in Wales was my parents choice of holiday accommodation. Then we Brad came along he showed no interest in going ... when he was about 6 asked him if he wanted to go to Florida for 2 weeks , his reply was "I'd rather go to Weymouth again...!" Can't fault him for being happy with simple things but I was gutted that I still wouldn't get to see Mickey & Co. Fin is a different story so maybe one day soon this will be a dream that will finally be realised.

Hubby & I did get to Florence in 2009 for an anniversary break but I need to go back to Italy to see so much more. Rome, Pompeii , Pisa & even some of the lesser known locations. They're all on my ever growing list.
I love a good Christmas Market me but I have yet to experience one anywhere else in the world. I like the idea of Austria - I could visit the Sound of Music locations too - a Hills Are live rendition anyone? I was hoping to plan such a trip this year but it has not materialised sadly. 

My last wishlist destination is- well for THIS wishlist because my holiday destination list is flipping endless - to see the Northern Lights. Surely no explanation is needed really but what an amazing thing that must be to experience.

Lets move on from holidays now...

This one represents the fact that both of us would like to move house. Maybe one day it will be something that will happen. We would stay put within the town we already live - both boys are settled here so no reason to move away. We just need a slightly bigger space & not much scope to add to where we already live. I'm not asking for an 8 bedroom mansions , all en-suite , swimming pool etc - just an extra bedroom & extra loo would be a fantastic start!! 
If moving away was an option I would go to Cornwall. I LOVE it there & would go like a shot.

I would LOVE to own a Chanel handbag! When we went to Florence every day I would wander down to their store, stare in the window for ages before heading off to drown my sorrows with a coffee! In my head it has to be a black bag, preferably cross body. This one would be ideal if it wasn't for the price tag....£3,725!!!!

This appeared in my Biker Jacket post in November over on What Maddie Wore. This one by Mint Velvet is just super gorgeous. I would love to wake up top this one on Xmas day ... I won't though!!!
Last one for this list - I did say it was quite short.
I want to go to the Zoo & feed the Meerkats. Simples really. They do it at Drusillas but hubby does not seem to ever take the hint...!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. As I say just a fun one for me today.
What would be on your ultimate wishlist?

See you soon
Amanda x

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