Friday, 16 January 2015

Keeping Healthy 2015

At the end of last year I posted about want to sort my weight out in 2015 - you can read that post here.

2015 is now here - just & my plan to get fit & hopefully take a few pounds off too begins here.

I'm already doing the dog walking I said I would do. Not so keen when the weather sucks of course but on those very odd glorious sunshine moments its really rather soothing.

I want to do more walking at other times too. That is to literally just take myself off for a walk as the school run is just a mere 20 mins of my day in terms of actual walking - & the traipsing around town doesn't count either because I generally stop of for a coffee & cake too. I don't al;ways want to take the dog so would either need a walking buddy or at least pop some tunes on my iPhone & listen to some music as I walk.

I plan also to have the odd game of badminton with a friend soon - this is going to happen just waiting for her to recover from an injury.

I am still undecided re any classes right now but I am not ruling them out.

My biggest issue is picking! I really need to either cut out those snacks between meals - I don't need any biscuits with my tea, let alone 5 or *ahem* 10 *ahem* -  or remember to have a healthier option. I am trying with the fruit. I have stocked up very well. 
Lunches are getting better too.
Dinner is a work in progress & actually trying work out a menu that would suit both Rob & I is hard. There are many things I cannot eat because of Crohn's Disease as well as the stuff I won't eat. The things I would eat more of , Rob isn't so keen on. Rob though would happily sit & devour a plate of salad or vegetables, not me!  
I need to do more research for healthier meals that would suit both of us - Fin too of course, Brad is a lost cause! 
I think though if I can cut out the snacking on rubbish, this would actually make a big difference as I know it has done so in the past. 

I am not asking to be stick thin, just healthier & if something comes off my hips & waist whilst doing so then it is all good.

I am just under 10 & half stone so nearly 2 stone I could do with losing. Whether I can achieve this I do not know but surely some healthier eating is always a good thing.

I'll update you probably monthly unless I feel I can do some more often.

Thanks for reading
Amanda xx

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