Monday, 12 January 2015

My Week Rounded Up

I have been such a bad blogger of late. At the moment I have decided not to continue with my "What I Wore.." blog as I am not particularly inspired on that front & as a minor ban has been put in place on spending on any new clothes, it is all the same clothes anyway. Maybe one day I will get the mojo back & post there again. 

For now I am going to concentrate on this blog as it is easier for me to have many subjects to blog about. I can't say I will post any more often but one can at least give it a try.

Today I thought I would start a new ( ish ) thing & on a Monday I will do a round up of the previous week. I read other blogs who do something similar & think it is a really nice idea.

So here is mine...

This week I have been eating....

..out rather a lot! I forgot to take pics of anything I had at home but in a world of taking pics of meals when out...A lovely steak with spicy chips at our local Beefeater. Then Pollo Formaggia al Forno at Bella Italia - this was divine!!!

I have been buying....

Stylist Dress - White Stuff || Lace Collar Spray Floral Dress - Fat Face || BerryLicious & Aloe Water ( the Xmas Votive was a free gift) - Yankee Candle

Everything here is from The Range... The Decorative Lizard Metal Wall Art more Hubby's choice than mine though!  New York Canvas & Village Harbour Print.

What I have been doing ...

Dog walking - although I always forget to photograph this!
Reading - magazines , usually home improvement types & my current book is this gem from Stephen Fry - More Fool Me .
Cinema to see The Theory Of Everything - superb film. Go & see it if you can. Full praise would have to go to Eddie Redmayne who was just amazing.
lastly, I spent the week scrapping a lot of paper off the walls - actually it wasn't a huge amount at all but during the scrapping it felt like it! When the lounge & dining room are all newly decorated though, the work involved will be worth it.

Lastly, a few outfits from last week...

main photo :- what I wore to the cinema. Small photos : from top Mondays outfit. Next to that :- my outfit for the Beefeater on Thursday. In the blue for ...well I can't remember at all, sorry! & lastly what I wore for a childrens party - it Frozen themed & I now wish I had gone as Elsa!

Let me know what you think you these sort of posts. Hoping to be posting much more but only time will tell how well I keep to that idea!

Speak soon
Amanda x

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