Monday, 19 January 2015

Weekly Round Up

Time for a round up of my week then. Starting with what I ate...! Th
bh be honest I can be a bit rubbish at remembering to take photos. The times I have made a really yummy dinner & only as \I pop the last bit into my mouth do I remember & of course that is rather late!!

The aim is to lose a little weight right now or at least eat healthier. It would be easier if the world was not full of cakes, crisps, or at least the healthier stuff tasted like a chocolate biscuit.
Monday I made myself a Jacket with Tuna. No rabbit food that day as my Ocado order came the next day.
Salmon, Mash & Veggies - quite healthy if you ignore the lashing of Hollandaise sauce (please DO ignore it...) The fruit bowl is constantly filled to the brim. Good for myself as well as the rest of the family of course.
Lastly a really unlike me lunch including some green stuff!!

Next what I got up to!
As usual plenty of walks with the pup. Woke up to this beautiful frosty day Saturday morning. Pup was not so keen to go on the grass & did actually put up with her jumper - she hates it really!

Coffee on Thursday with my lovely friend where I did partake in some cake!
A trip to Paradise Park on Sunday morning with another friend & our 2 smalls!!It was a bit wet but great to get some fresh air.

I was at the cinema again on THursday. This time with friends to see this amazing film. It won't be for everyone but was right up my street.

This week I have been watching Broadchurch & Musketeers again & this...

I adore the show. A chance to have a nosy around some homes especially when they come local. I may also have a slight crush on Mr Spencer...!

THis week I have some discovered some new things that I am loving...

Technically I already knew about the Peppermint & Licorice tea by Pukka thanks to Essiebutton ( I think ) but finally got round to buying a box to give it a try. Bloody yum!!
I spotted the Jacobs Crispbreads when I nipped into my local Tescos mid week. They do a few other ones but I chose the Mixed Grain. They really help me keep my lunch a bit healthier.

Finally a few outfits.

There is usually tons of blue in my outfits each week but I have noticed a lot more black & red this week when putting my collage together. I am still very uninspired atm although gradually things are starting to get back to being a bit more interested in the outfits I put together.

WEll that is all from me again. Let me know what you have been doing.
See you next time

Love Amanda x

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