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Current Skincare - Feb 2015

I think I am pretty certain that I have not done a Skincare post for a very long time. Quite a lot of this would have changed since then so seems a great time to do another 1.

In the morning I keep it pretty simple as right now I am struggling to get up in the mornings so as little as possible to do is just fab.

I am currently washing my face in the mornings with this. I only opened it a few days ago though so I can't be too hot on what I think still right now. One of the reasons it was chosen is because my funds for buying make-up & skincare products has significantly dropped so I use a few more of the more purse friendly brands these days.
Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel.

Same with eyes - this is what I could afford at the time. Using this for a bout a week & liking it so far - which is odd as I used it once before & wasn't so taken with it. Must be better on my skin in the colder months? 
Simple Regeneration Age Resistant Eye Cream.

This moisturiser is newly opened this morning. I actually got this in a beauty box & believe it has now been discontinued as it was limited edition. It smells really nice but of course too early to tell if it will do much for my skin. Pretty packaging!!  
Seduire Steam Cream - Discontinued? 

My last morning product is this from L'Oreal that I use on my neck only. A sucker for the Clarins one as I said funds meant I had to choose a lower priced one instead. Nearly finished it & actually I think its really good.
L'Oreal Revitalift Face, Contours & Neck Re-Support Cream.

Moving on to the evening now. I start with removing my eye make-up. Currently using this one. I must say its a bit hit & miss for me. It works well in getting rid of the make-up but despite saying "gentle" it does sometimes make my eyes sting - quite a lot! Other times it won't do it. Shame as smells lovely & does do its job very well.
The Body Shop - Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

I then use either a Cleansing Balm or right now I am using a Hot Cloth Cleanser. Its brilliant, I love Ren products anyway & this is on the list of what I would buy. Its a good price too so I think this could stay on my list of things I can actually afford too. 
Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I like to double cleanse to make sure I am getting all I can. This one from Clarins is my FAVOURITE & thank goodness I still have another full size bottle left in my stash. It smells absolutely divine & when I am feeling lazy I am happy to just use this - well it is meant to be a 1 step cleanser I suppose! 
Clarins One- Step Facial Cleanser.

Now & again I use a toner - about once a month because I always forget!

Then I use my eye cream, moisturiser & neck cream again before moving on to my hands & feet.

I have had this one from Molton Brown for ages because it smells so gorgeous I wanted to save it for as long as possible. Rhubarb & Rose - reminds me of those fruit salad sweets a bit. Gorgeous scent that only lingers very mildly once rubbed into your hands.
Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose collection.

We don't want to discuss feet too much do we? I get awful dry feet so is a constant battle. Had this one from Origins for a while - mainly because during the winter months I get a  bit lazy & only use it once a week but with the hope of sandal weather coming soon I really need to get them in ship shape condition again. Its not my favourite though. For a lot less than half the price I can get Heel Genius from Soap & Glory which is amazing,
Origins Reinventing The Heel.

Lastly, my weekly treat is a mask of some sort. As I said I am loving Ren & this is actually the 2nd one of these I have had so that says a lot. 

Ren - Invisible Pores Detox Mask.

So, there we have my updated routine for you. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Many thanks for dropping by, Amanda x

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