Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Keeping Healthy Update 1 - 1 Month In

Please read my initial post regarding keeping healthy....!

I am 1 month into my resolution & it is fair to say its not going great. 

Whilst I have made a very small start in my exercise regime, after starting very well - as you tend to in the very beginning - to eat more healthily, I have found myself finding it extremely hard to resist the bad snacks!

Whether it is an extra chocolate biscuit ( or 3 ) with my cuppa or the cooking an extra fish finger for Fins tea as it seems silly to leave just 1 in the bag in the freezer, I just can't quite so no. I then feel incredibly guilty & extra fat... although ironically I have not actually put any weight ON!!

I do out a ton if this down too being JANUARY! OK yes it's now Feb but the point is I know full well I am not the only one who finds these dark & dingy early months of the year difficult to face. I am not making excuses so much as saying that my downfall is definitely comfort food in excess. 

My aim this month is to get myself back on track with more healthy food again - I used to love a bowl of fruit for my breakfast - usually raspberries or strawberries with some yoghurt but got out of the habit. I need to go shopping - I currently do online with Ocado but its not so easy to look for the healthy options & actually going to a good old fashioned shop & looking myself seems to give me the gee up more - as long as I avoid the cake aisles ...and the biscuits...oh & he sweets!

Then I need to up the walking. Of course there is the dog walking. Need to go a bit longer though. I do go once a week at the minute also for a walk in my own. I should do that more often as in the short term I feel so much better for it so going more can only have good long term prospects.

Badminton is still an option - as I said before I am just waiting for my friend to be ready.

I may look into a class & do have other ideas up my sleeve too.

So, not a great start but at least I know where I have gone wrong this month & can only hope I can improve. 

Anyone have recommendations for apps I could download? Would be good to know when I am doing my walking , how many calories I am burning. My lovely Iphone has a timer but not sure about a step counter - must look into that too. Let me know what you use anyway.

Thanks for reading & be back with another update soon

Amanda x

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