Monday, 2 February 2015

Maddie's Weekly Round Up

I'm back again with another weekly round up.

As usual starting with some of the food I have been eating...

1: Potato Gratin, Chicken , Bacon & Green Beans. PG is a favourite meal of mine right now. Yummy!! 2: Inspired lots by Dorothy Camper with my breakfast this morning - mine is not as colourful though!! 3: Dinner last night with hubby & the kids. Beefeater do the loveliest spicy chips!!

1: Tried something new this week by marinating the chicken. Served with rice, coleslaw ( for me not hubby) & sweetcorn it went down very well. 2: Trying hard to keep a bit healthier so lunches of Jacket potatoes lots including this one with Tuna ( in low fat mayo) & a hard boiled egg.) 3: Hubby cooked a lovely Roast dinner today.

A few miscellaneous pics as did not have quite so much going on this week.

1:- A new coat for pup. early days but she does not seem to mind this one as much as the jumper. 2 : Body Shop bath jelly in Glazed Apple - I was a bit late in the day to get the limited edition seasonal things so this was all they had left. Makes my bath smell gorgeous. 3: I think I forgot I am meant to be cutting out the naughty things & came home with Wagon Wheels - they are smaller than the normal ones & so not as easy just to have 1 - & these Mousses by Gu ( OMG!!)

1: Went shopping to Gunwhaf Quays - yesterday loved these animal print DMs but came out empty handed. 2: Chocolate cake baked Sunday morning at request of Brad - its almost gone as it usually is. 3: The Oyster Catcher by Jo Thomas - my reading material this week. A good easy read.

What I have been wearing....

A real mix this week. I have felt a bit more into what I wearing this week more so than previous weeks. The middles picture I am looking rather windswept as I still insisted on having my photo outside!

The camel coloured cardi is a recent purchase from Next. Middle shot taken in the "Animal" shop at Gunwharf , you can see the odd look from the sales assistant - us Bloggers eh? lol. Today's outfit was for a casual comfy day of baking, cleaning , blog posting &  pup coat shopping...!

lastly, what I have been buying ...
Holly Hobo bag from Oasis as featured in my Spring Fever post - I did um & ah about colour as wondered if a blue or grey would get used more but I stuck with this one & it is gorgeous. Another bag this one From Cath Kidston Kids - I needed a new smaller bag for the dog walking - my old one from New Look is a plain black one I have had for about 6 years., Time for a change & this is perfect for everything I need when I take Clara or for the school run - it was £8 too which made it even better. They don't have this one on the website as I got it from the outlet shop. Here it is in red though. I have not bought anything Radley for ages but wanted to replace my Cath Kidston purse & found this one in the Radley outlet shop so again I don't think it is on the website.
Lastly, I needed a anew phone case & bought this cute Owl one from eBay - they have other ones for different phones as well.

So that's my week rounded up. Hope you have had a good one too & hope next week is even better.

Amanda x

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