Monday, 9 February 2015

What Maddie Did Last Week...

Hi all & welcome to yet another weekly round up. Almost 10 days into Feb already - WOW! Soon be Xmas again ....!

As with every week lets get the food stuff out the way 1st.

1:- Lunch on Monday was this yummy scummy bacon & cheese omelette. I also had a glass of Banana & Strawberry Smoothie ( Innocent brand.) 2:- Homemade Shepherds Pie for dinner on Tuesday & 3:- Homemade Quiche on Wednesday lunchtime. 
1:- Bangers & mash with onions & gravy. Perfect British food for these winter evenings. 2:- Jacket with Cheesy Coleslaw from Waitrose. 3:- Breakfast today was Porridge with Raspberries.

As well as the Quiche this week , there have been a few things made by my own fair hands. I do enjoy baking stuff from scratch, just wish my kitchen was a little bit bigger!
1:- Victoria Sponge - surely no one can go wrong with this. I make mine without any cream as eldest won't eat it otherwise. 2:- Cheese Straws. Recipe here. 3:- Banana Muffins. Recipe here.

A little bit of what I have been doing ....
1:- Another Cafe Nero stop with a good (ish) book, Chai Latte & a Pain Aux Raisin. 3:- Waitrose cafe this time along with another Chai Latte , the same book & a toasted teacake. 3 :- Finley & I had a day or so to ourselves & this was the results of a crafty afternoon.
Lots of dog walking as always on quite chilly days mostly & a trip to the park for Fin.

Reading ...
I have somehow managed to finish 2 books this week. 2??? To be fair Attachments was OK but not exactly hard to read very quickly. I actually had to read the blurb on Amazon to remind me what it was about & I only finished it a few days ago.
Deceit by Clare Francis was much better. These magazines will last me a while though as I tend to only read a couple of pages at a time when I sit down for quick cuppas. I always keep one by my bed as I like to always read before I go to sleep but don't always have the attention span for a book. The free Benefit mini "Rollerlash" mascara with 
Elle is amazing if anyone is interested.

Rounding off with my outfits.
1:- For February I am taking part in a My Style Photo Challenge on Instagram. Day 2 was Layers. This was my interpretation for it.
2:- Wearing my new Berry leggings from Next along with the new berry boots from Clarks.
3:- Sporting my new Peter Storm jacket. One of those that has the removable fleece bit so will be quite versatile.
1:- Love this cardigan from Next so much. I had a leopard print theme going on it seems. Oh & I love my new bag very much. 2:- The print scarf again along with my lovely Holly Hobo bag. 3:- My casual Sunday attire.

Thank you all as always for reading.
See you again soon
Amanda x

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