Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Round Up ( Ending 01/03/15)

Here I am for another round up of my week.

Really upping my fitness this last couple of weeks with last week being the best yet.

Being able to do a few things at home is great. BeFit on YouTube is great as well as the Fitness Coach for the Wii.
Just this week my friend & went for our 1st Badminton game - it was a huge amount of fun & as exhausted as I was , I felt so much better for it. Back this week for another game too.

Aside form fitness it has actually been a quieter week really.
Myself & Clara went for a walk with my friend & her dog. As you can see Phoebe is slightly bigger (hehe) & little Clara was terrified to begin with ( this was their 1st meeting.) but was warming to her by the end - as she should as Phoebe is a beautiful dog.
Rob & I went to see Milton Jones on Thursday evening. I bought the tickets for Rob for Xmas as like most men he is a flipping nightmare to buy for. It was a great evening.
Saturday I got to go shopping all on my own which was fab. I started the shopping trip as I always do - in a coffee shop establishment with a good book!
Finley got a certificate this week. They all get one at some point in the school year & they give them out during Friday assembly. Very proud moment - Fin was pleased as punch!
New bag - details will be on tomorrows February purchases post.
A recent read was Sanctum by Denise Mina. A really good read.
Lastly, what I was wearing.
New boots from Primark in photo 1. At £6 they were quite a bargain - time will tell how long they last.
The 3rd photo is what I wore to the theatre on Thursday.
Middle picture was for going shopping & Sunday I am sporting the new bag!

Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow for my haul post.

Amanda x

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