Sunday, 5 April 2015

Apple Pie

I have not posted many thinks I have made lately - the reason is simple - I haven't baked anything because then I was not tempted to eat whatever I make. I have no been wanting to have a go at making an Apple Pie as I have never made one & wanted to see how I get on doing so.

My recipe came from All.Recipes.Co.Uk , where you will find all the relevant information. If you have a go , let me know how it turn out.

The build up to it going into the oven!

Then ...
The finished result - don't ask me about the egg shape on top - I thought as it was Easter ^ told Rob I couldn't do an apple shape! He did say surely you could have made a stalk & leaf out of the leftover pastry & added to the top of the egg shape - well it's too bloody late when it's already in the oven!

Anyway , regardless it has a huge thumbs up from "Him Indoors" so that is all that matters.

Happy Easter

Amanda x

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